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Synonyms for intermarriage

marriage to a person belonging to a tribe or group other than your own as required by custom or law

marriage within one's own tribe or group as required by custom or law

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It follows that circumstances that limit social mobility are likely to perpetuate barriers to intermarriage.
Their view was that the family was threatened by lower birth rates, higher levels of divorce and intermarriage rates that had climbed from six percent in 1965 to almost 32 percent by 1970.
While batting support for a national policy against political dynasties, Zubiri, chair of the subcommittee on the BBL, said he would rather not put the provision in the draft BBL because of practice of intermarriage among Moro people and polygamy among Moro men.
Among their topics are from liberalism to human dignity: the transformation of marriage and family rights in Brazil, royal marriage in Europe: an inherently conservative system, modernizing marriage in Egypt, English exports: invoking the Common Law of marriage across the Empire during the 19th century, equality before the law: the intermarriage debate in post-Nazi Germany, and customary and civil marriage law and the question of gender equality in Gabon and Africa during the 20th and 21st centuries.
One striking similarity between Jews and other Americans is that intermarriage has increased among all three major religious groups: Jews, Protestants, and Catholics.
A significant percentage of Israeli Arabs oppose intermarriage between Jews and Arabs, according to a new poll held by the Statnet research center which specializes in the Arab sector.
By contrast, 19% of those who wed before 1960 report being in a religious intermarriage.
This article investigates one potential connection: the effect of intermarriage, defined as the marriage between a foreign-born individual and a native, on labor market outcomes of immigrant women, with a focus on Asians.
8220;Larkin…is clearly an important voice in the current discussion of intermarriage and Jewish continuity.
Earlier this month, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, had to walk back some comments she'd made, in which she'd called intermarriage a "problem" and fretted about how young Jews weren't connected to Jewish traditions and institutions.
The other essays are (1) "Indigenous Micro-Ethnicity and Principles of Identification in Southeast Borneo" by Kenneth Sillander, (2) "Identity Constmctions and Dayak Ethnic Strife in West Kalimantan, Indonesia" by Anika Konig, and (3) "(Un)becoming Dayak: Intermarriage and the Dynamics of Identity and Belonging in East Kalimantan" by Christian Oesterheld.
Muscat: Greater awareness about issues related to intermarriage is the key to curbing the increasing number of genetic disorders in Oman, says the Ministry of Health.
WASHINGTON -- Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus are urging the Obama administration to withhold federal recognition of a Virginia Indian tribe because of its history of banning intermarriage with blacks.
All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power uses original presidential archival documents to explore connections between the White House and Wall Street over the decades, and goes beyond the expected expose of money's influence on political process to consider a world of Ivy league connections, exclusive clubs, and bonds formed by intermarriage and protege relationships that have led to power plays at the highest levels of office.
John Vincent, who heads the MiND (Molecular Neuropsychiatry and Development) Laboratory in the Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute at CAMH, and his team used microarray genotyping to map the genes of a large Pakistani family which had intermarriage.