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the performer in the middle of a minstrel line who engages the others in talk


a person who takes part in a conversation

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Minister Nalbandian informed his interlocutor of the transition to a parliamentary system of governance in Armenia following the constitutional reforms.
Jammu [Jammu and Kashmir], January 1 ( ANI ): Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Thursday said that if Centre's Interlocutor for the state Dineshwar Sharma is doing something good, then results will be visible and it is too early to issue him a certificate.
He said that Professor Butt by meeting the so-called interlocutor not only hurt the sentiments of sincere workers and office-bearers of Muslim Conference but had also acted against the collective cause of the Kashmiri people.
The APHC disclosed that a representative of the puppet regime came to the residence of Syed Ali Gilani on Saturday night to persuade him for a meeting with India-appointed interlocutor, Dineshwar Sharma.
But the Interlocutor should make sure that Muivah did not react to the participation by other NNPGs while convincing him that he would also make sure that they (NNPGs) should not sabotage the final settlement, Zeliang said.
With a view to materialising this partnership and energise the investment dynamic, it was decided to create the post of single interlocutor between the two countries," he pointed out to TAP.
On the other hand, there were also functions found that were the opposite of rapport-building or rapport-maintaining, such as 'to express irritation' (Gupta 1992:43) or 'to show disapproval and indicate displeasure' (Kuang 2002:8), which essentially work to distance one interlocutor from another.
After discourse to ease the tense atmosphere both in the society and among political parties, Davutoy-lu said, "Now I am the interlocutor [for the opposition parties].
In the coming week, there will be a series of meetings both with the team of the interlocutor as well as with the leaders of the political parties in order for them to be briefed on an important project that is being carried out by the interlocutor's team and so that that we can have the reaction of the party leaders at a follow-up conference certainly beforeSeptember 2.
It uses this comprehension to determine if its interlocutor has got the "joke" it has just told, said scientists.
On the other hand, his interlocutor Ivica Bocevski, analyst and former Deputy PM, said that Albanians must have understanding for Macedonians in regards to this issue as it is a sensitive one.
They use the interlocutor role to create rapport, diffuse tensions, and manufacture interactions.
Talat Xhaferi, who is now the main interlocutor on this topic, was also the main interlocutor then and he surely remembers this.
Socrates is examining his interlocutor and so engaging in the central component of the complex activity, philosophizing (examining people who claim they care, reproaching those who under examination reveal that they do not care, and urging people to care for the most important things).
El secretario general de la FIFA, Jerome Valcke, pidio disculpas a Brasil por sus fuertes declaraciones sobre los atrasos en la organizacion del Mundial de 2014, que llevaron al gobierno a tildarlo de "boquirroto" y pedir su reemplazo como interlocutor.