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Synonyms for interlocking

contact by fitting together

the act of interlocking or meshing

linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing

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The mixer below must be interlocking to achieve the ramless feed.
With the need of development of railway transportation and progress of electronic information technology, the functions of interlocking system, architecture, technology applications, operating methods and other aspects are constantly improving (Kwiat, K.
Castell has been supplying trapped key interlocking systems to Bombardier for 15 years," said Guy Heywood, commodity buyer at Bombardier Transportation.
An interlocking directorate "occurs when a person affiliated
Delayed interlocking Nailing: If an External fixator applied to an open fracture is exchanged with an Interlocking nail because of non-union or as a definitive procedure, after soft tissues have healed.
MD Series and HD Series ranges include mechanical and electromechanical bolt, access, transfer and valve interlocks, along with a full range of accessories to form a comprehensive interlocking scheme.
Mechanical interlocking products guarantee strict adherence to procedure and help avoid human error.
TUN SUD has certified that the mGard range meets the interlocking requirements of the latest European safety standards, so customers can install mGard with peace of mind.
Interlocking tiles are designed with rough textural treatment to achieve non-slippery surface.
The subject of the study was interlocking directorates in Polish joint-stock companies.
In this study the effects of support consequences (SC) and cultural consequences (CC) on the selection of interlocks (by SC) and interlocking behavioral contingencies (IBCs--by CC) was evaluated.
Tanna, an orthopedic surgeon retired from Mumbai Medical College, India, explains the use of interlocking nails by orthopedic surgeons as internal splints, load-sharing devices, in the stabilization of fracture fragments, and in maintaining alignment in the tibia, femur, and humerus.
last year amid concerns of potential conflicts from interlocking directorships.
the distinguished jeweller and American style icon, presents winsome options in the form of its Interlocking Circles jewellery collection this season.