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a blank leaf inserted between the leaves of a book

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Interleaf, a major supplier of document-management systems to large corporation, utilizes extensible markup language (XML), an emerging standard that makes it easier to automate business processes.
Interleaf announced Bladerunner in November last year, and formed a content management division at the start of this year, with dedicated development, sales and professional services staff.
Cowan has served as chairman of NewsEdge Corporation until its sale to Thompson Corporation, was interim chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Interleaf Inc.
Together, Interleaf and Young Minds offer a solution that enables users to select electronic documents from any Interleaf document management repository and record them on CD-ROM in one integrated process.
Aberdeen Group, a leading market analysis and positioning services firm, has named Auriga, along with other 14 service providers, "best of breed" in offshore software outsourcing practices for its contribution to a dedicated sourcing relationship with Interleaf, a pioneer in the field of electronic publishing, and, later, BroadVision, a leading supplier of e-Business platforms and tools.
Document management firm Interleaf Inc has followed rival Arbortext Inc (CI No 3,534) in announcing an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) -based enterprise content management system.
Utt also held the positions as General Manager, Asia Pacific, and Vice President, North American Sales at Interleaf from 1988 through 1995.
From its inception in 1981 through 1989, he was Co-founder, Director and Vice President of Finance for Interleaf Inc.
At Interleaf, Briggs was responsible for creating the technology vision behind Interleaf's extraordinary turnaround, centered around XML-based content management, which resulted in Interleaf being the 5th fastest growing stock in the US in 1999.
Former Interleaf CEO and GM of Strategic Operations for BroadVision
The e-content company is a separate business segment of Interleaf, dedicated to the development of XML-based content management solutions for e-business applications.
The e-content company, a division of Interleaf (Nasdaq:LEAF) and the leader in delivering powerful XML-based content management solutions for e-business initiatives, today announced three new additions to their growing roster of e-Partners.
The large volume of seats is mainly due to the overwhelming response of Interleaf 5, Interleaf 6, and Interleaf 7 customers who took advantage of a special offer to extend the power of their existing Interleaf desktop publishing solutions with XML.
Chris McKee's previous position was Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Interleaf Inc.