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Synonyms for interlard

to put or set into, between, or among another or other things

Synonyms for interlard

introduce one's writing or speech with certain expressions

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In truth, we do not live in a fully postmodern world, but in an environment interlarded with aspects of modernism and postmodernity, along with strong traces of the premodern.
Afonso also built installations where the layers of images were interlarded with mirrors, achieving a multiplicative effect with that multifaceted history constituted by layers of time and forms.
One might be tempted to see the story as a Russian formalist exercise whereby the Turgenev text is taken apart and interlarded with suggestive self-reflections or seemingly irrelevant digressions--as if this is an imaginative return to the possible process of constructing the story itself, which becomes a type of retelling.
In the first novel every detail is labored and the juicy, violent bits are nicely interlarded with wearisome police work.
By pointing out that Shakespeare's company employed music and dance in the play, Murray acquits Davenant of the charge of creating a 'vapid moral story interlarded by vaudeville' (56).
Power, inequality and privilege are interlarded within struggles for good food.
Interlarded with empirical examples, Chapter 2 identifies job-related stressors that have been reported as most salient to workers in previous stress research.
Rare, too, is the serious attention that can be bestowed upon an introduction interlarded with such partisan platitudes as, "Moore will forever be remembered as the person who truly gave S.
Carnell described the situation well: "The fundamentalist's quest for souls is subtly interlarded with a quest for status in the cult, for the soul-winner belongs to a new high-priestly caste" (The Case for Orthodox Theology, Westminster, 1959, p.
In Intel's case, it took a far-from-linear combination of chip flaws, a math professor's unusual research project, intersecting internet bulletin boards, a Web site visit by a reporter with th e stature to spread the story among other media--all interlarded with elements of chance--to produce major marketing problems, and culminate in an expensive recall accompanied by a plummeting company reputation.
Lavishly interlarded with statistics and tables, the book is of special value for students or graduates specialising in German politics.
It is not merely by changing 5 percent of the text, its interlarded and italicized stage directions in the present tense into unitalicized narrative comment in the past tense, that a play becomes a novella, or by shifting the chronological order of scenes near the end as you can in fiction but not onstage.
It is existent shared social understandings, as articulated in the complex and interlarded relations of civil life, that valorize representations of heterogeneity in positive and negative ways.
prevent him from also being one of the most obnoxiously adolescent, opportunistic, tantrum-prone, egotistical, self-absorbed, puffed-up hollow men of his age, the very epitome of bad faith, and, as if that were not enough, the author too of the most monotonously egregious, long-winded pornographic novels imaginable, all richly interlarded with a preachy, secondhand ideology that he frequently pilfered from thinkers far more original and coherent than he.
However, is this audience going to buy and read books with hundreds of citations to cases where the text is interlarded with statistics, charts, and graphs?