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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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By alerting students to the complexities of the social processes involved in interlanguage transformations, translation trainers implicitly teach them how to play a responsible role in society.
Interlanguage reflected the learner's transitional knowledge of his second language.
Computer Mediated Communication: A Window on L2 Spanish Interlanguage.
Expressed in an interlanguage that De Brito describes as "'portuliano', un miscuglio di portoghese e italiano.
Linguistic innovation in the new West African Europhone novel: between interlanguage and indigenisation.
Getting serious about language play: Language play, interlanguage variation and second language acquisition.
Learning to request in a second language: A study of child interlanguage pragmatics.
If, however, translation is an activity of transposition (Cecile, 2003; Ogawa, 1995), then such transposition of ideas may happen not only on the interlanguage level, say, from Chinese into Spanish.
Interlanguage development by two Korean speakers of English with a focus on temporality.
The first study considered the impact of language proficiency, gender, and extraversion on the use of emotion words in the advanced French interlanguage of 29 Dutch L1 speakers.
Nei suo intervento "The Concept of Interlanguage in the Evaluation of Compositions Written by Learners of Italian at the University of Toronto," Giuliana Salvato discute la natura delle competenze interlinguistiche degli studenti che imparano l'italiano.
Muller's study thus combines the frameworks of discourse marker research and interlanguage pragrnatics.
of Aarhus, Denmark) has limited the coverage to four key topical fields: contrastive, cross-cultural and intercultural pragmatics; interlanguage pragmatics; teaching and testing of second/foreign language pragmatics; and pragmatics in corporate culture communication.