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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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SLA theorists and researchers are rather skeptical about the value of the techniques involving production practice, pointing out that learners require time to incorporate new grammatical structures into their interlanguages, the acquisition of many structures involves passing through a serious of transitional stages before target-like use is possible, and teaching learners structures that they are not ready to acquire may be ineffective or even deleterious (cf.
It is essential that distance language courses provide learners with opportunities for oral interaction since it is within this context that negotiation of meaning and interlanguage development are most likely to occur.
Although we cannot claim that uptake represents learning, it has been found to be indicative of some kind of awareness that could lead to interlanguage re-structuring, especially if the error is repaired (Gass & Mackey, 2007; Long, 1996).
Unfortunately, research contrasting explicit-deductive and explicit-inductive designs is largely nonexistent in interlanguage pragmatics studies.
Interlanguage is the scientific term used to describe the learners' interim system of hypotheses about the structure and functioning of the target language that learners build up in their mind as they progress toward communicating with an ever closer-to-standard version of it (White, 2003; Brown, 2007).
Luisa and Pedrito's dog will the breakfast eat': Interlanguage transfer and the role of the second language factor".
The challenge for the teacher of ELLs is to figure out how to show the learners ways to evaluate if a book is at the appropriate interlanguage scaffold in the zone of proximal development.
It is difficult to disagree with Sato's reasoning, but if so, one is left to conclude that the claims about task variability pertain solely to intermediate learners, which substantially reduces the scope of applicability of the stylistic variation paradigm in the interlanguage context.
On the other hand, the columns on the negative side indicate that there is also a number of learners who have not established the telicity contrast in their interlanguage grammar.
She is the editor of Vigo International Journal of Applied Linguistics and she has been involved in different research projects regarding spoken language, interlanguage and the teaching of English as L2.
Most research has focused on forms related to the request head act, while modifiers have received less attention from interlanguage pragmatics scholars (Hassall, 2001).
Research in the area of interlanguage pragmatics (ILP) has examined the study abroad (SA) context as a potential environment for second language (L2) learners' pragmatic development--for a recent overview on pragmatic gains from SA, see Xiao (2015).
This volume contains nine essays on the acquisition of Romance languages in different contexts, both first and second languages and including Greek, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Persian, Italian, and Spanish, and grammatical issues like quantificational expressions, the representation of consonant clusters in the interlanguage of speakers of different languages, typical morphological issues, and issues related to the mental lexicon.
Communication strategies, foreign talk, and repair in interlanguage.