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hold in a locking position

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What we may also notice, simply from reading through the passage just cited, is that it contains a subterranean yet distinctive thematic, and even verbal, connection to the Orco episode with which it is so closely juxtaposed by the magic of Ariostan interlace.
With Interlace Medical's expertise in the healthcare community they can tap into their medical partners to drive supplies, support and funds to make the program even more successful.
Through the partnership, Interlace and L&T Infotech's clients will be able to more quickly and efficiently deploy a means of conducting business electronically over the Internet with suppliers, customers and trading partners.
Interlace Medical is a global leader in the rapid delivery of innovative medical device solutions that improve patient outcomes, simplify physician adoption and reduce the cost of healthcare.
Interlace excites me because it combines an unusual combination of assets in a way that breaks through the key barrier that has blocked both large and mid-market firms from achieving comprehensive integration with their trading partners.
I am honored to join the Interlace Medical Board of Directors as the company prepares for market introduction of a critical product that will improve the lives of women around the world.
The site's Solutions Section describes how Interlace's system fully integrates with its clients' internal systems to allow them to trade directly with their partners via the web in real-time, regardless of whether their partners are Interlace clients or not.
Interlace links the core business processes of a firm, such as purchasing, invoicing, shipping and inventory management, with those of its customers and suppliers.
These systems are designed to be switchable between 24/25/30 frames progressive and 60/50 interlace.
The 24p option software upgrade allows the camcorder to instantly switch between interlace and 24p for delivering a film-like look for a wide range of programming.
In the partnership, Scandent Solutions and Interlace will jointly market and implement B2B integration services that include all aspects of requirements definition, design and development as well as on-going deployment in Interlace's hosted B2B integration environment with full transaction management services.
1) In the film, as in the text, interlace is used to amplify and expand upon the central "matter" of the narrative in a manner that dramatizes its status as myth.
What has been happening in the past is that the computer industry was pushing on something called progressive scanning, which is drawing line by line from the top of the screen to the bottom, while interlace scanning was pushed by the TV industry.
Hologic or the Company) (Nasdaq: HOLX), a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics, medical imaging systems and surgical products dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women, announced today it has acquired Interlace Medical, Inc.
Designed with an intuitive user interlace that makes it easy to use for beginners and experts alike, the Balance Check can be used to detect unbalance, identify the correction capacity required to offset unbalance and verity balance once it is restored, according to the company.