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hold in a locking position

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Books are $19.99 and available now at the Interlace Designs' web site.
"I found out about interlace through a magazine article nine years ago and the woman I was reading about could well have been me.
Hwang, "Cauchy's interlace theorem for eigenvalues of Hermitian matrices," The American Mathematical Monthly, vol.
All of the three types of narrative interlace found in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings [LotR, to distinguish it from the movies] also characterize Alan Lee's illustrations for that text (Auger 2008).
Interlace showcased its portfolio of products and services capabilities of Anti-money Laundering, Core Banking, Fraud Detection and Investment banking.
Interlace will be integrated into its surgical products division.
Clearly, if m < n - 1, there are not enough zeros of [p.sub.m] to interlace fully with the n zeros of [p.sub.n].
BAT is an asset management interlace for AI's Bullhorn Wireless Remote Monitoring System, which monitors and collects data from oil and gas assets such as CP equipment.
Summary: Ole Scheeren of OMA introduces a new residential typology to Singapore with The Interlace, a large-scale complex of interconnected apartment buildings stacked in an innovative hexagonal arrangement, developed by CapitaLand and Hotel Properties Limited.
Contemporary Tarot is also, however, like Tolkien's narrative, a kind of reinvention of the medieval romance; thus the goal of this paper is to examine the connections between the medieval romance and Tarot in general, and The Lord of the Rings and Donaldson and Pracownik's deck in particular, with attention to archetypes, the quest theme, and interlace narrative structure.
Based on the ZapFree fiber optic rotary encoder technology, the all-optical TD5207 sensor is totally passive and links to an MR310 remote encoder interlace module via a single fiber link, up to 1,000 meters away.
The NILS INSource research tool delivers statutory and regulatory information through a Web interlace, and includes powerful search tools that allow compliance professionals to find complete and current statutory and regulatory information for all 50 states, the federal government, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
The system is PLC-driven, and includes a touch-screen operator interlace. The system controls and monitors all functions of independently controlled agitators contained within the mixer.
"The browser-enabled product has enhanced the interlace by providing a user-friendiy, attractive front end with easy, point-and-click navigation.
Upon conversion, users of Certegy's 4/Detection will benefit from new capabilities including robust ad hoc report generation, interlace to multiple popular DVR systems and extensive sub-report and filtering options For more information on the agreement.