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hold in a locking position

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These different types of interlace are also recreated in the film, though it does not incorporate all of Tolkien's characters and events, and cross-cutting generally serves to further the effects of continuity editing expected by today's film audiences.
MEFTEC functioned as a financial technology market bringing together financial technology leaders for a custom-made learning and business networking experience, also has been proving to be the ideal event for us to exhibit our offerings to the global technology geeks" said Bala, Chief Operations Officer of Interlace.
n-1] and [n(n + [alpha] + [beta] + 2) + ([alpha] + 2)(n - [alpha] + [beta])]/[(n + [alpha] + 2)(2 + [alpha] + [beta] + 2)] interlace with the zeros of [P.
Designed by Ole Scheeren, partner of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), The Interlace breaks away from Singapore's standard typology of isolated, vertical apartment towers and instead explores a dramatically different approach to tropical living: an expansive interconnected network of living and communal spaces integrated with the natural environment.
All three types of interlace characterize The Lord of the Rings; structural interlace is frequently apparent in the moments dedicated to story, dream, and fortune telling because they intertwine past, present, and probable future events; stylistic interlace appears in the frequent restating of themes of love and loyalty, as in the Aragorn-Arwen relationship as a restatement of that of Beren-Luthien Tinuviel, and the different responses to the ring by the brothers Faramir and Boromir; and pictorial interlace appears so continuously that the physical aspects of the environment seem to be a direct manifestation of the motivations and will of the various characters with regard to the quest.
In formal terms, the Furioso is significantly more complex than the Innamorato, largely because, in addition to the interweaving of narrative strands and free standing episodes, Ariosto's interlace extends to include, as integrally constitutive elements, a number of non-narrative structures, most notably: 1) the authorial proems that invariably precede each canto and comment on what has gone before and what comes after; [16] 2) the numerous other aurhorial digressions and interventions so well discussed by Durling; 3) the major encomiastic and ekphrasric interludes in cantos 3, 26, 33, 42, 46; [17] 4) the principal allegorical episodes (of Alcina's island -- cantos 6-8, 10 -- and the lunar surface -- cantos 34-35), which participate in but also gloss the surrounding narrative lines.
Interlace Medical has joined forces with the MetroWest Free Medical Program to deliver quality healthcare to those in need.
Interlace Medical will be showcasing its MyoSure[TM] Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System for the treatment of submucosal fibroids at the World Congress Leadership Summit on the Business of Women's Health June 9-11th at the Lenox Hotel in Boston.
This standard programmable 36" mill knife assembly consists of eight programmable mill knife assemblies mounted on a common pivoting frame which enables the operator to select single and multiple strip widths from 1" to 36" wide from an operator interlace.
Interlace Medical is pleased to announce that John P.
Its Display IP includes scalable display pipelines supporting PIP, overlay, advanced de-interlacing and image enhancement enabled by IP including the PowerVR TVE digital TV encoder, the PowerVR PDP pixel display pipeline family, the PowerVR I2P interlace to progressive cores, and the PowerVR IEP Image Enhancement Processor.
Tailor-made for a wide range of newsgathering assignments, the cost-efficient, low-power AJ-SPC700 combines a high-performance 2/3" 520,000-pixel, IT 3-CCD camera with 60 fields interlace recording in 25Mbps DVCPRO/DV and 50Mbps 4:2:2 DVCPRO50 format on a P2 card.
In the partnership, Scandent Solutions and Interlace will jointly market and implement B2B integration services that include all aspects of requirements definition, design and development as well as on-going deployment in Interlace's hosted B2B integration environment with full transaction management services.
The Book Of Tea was in fact written in English, in order to prove accessible to English-speakers, and presents chanoyu (literally "the way of tea") as a spiritual culture and a ritual that interlaces with the "Art of Life" itself.
Each 'half-frame' is called the 'lower field' or the 'upper field', and the camcorder mixes or interlaces these two fields into the one frame.