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Synonyms for interjection

Synonyms for interjection

an abrupt emphatic exclamation expressing emotion

the action of interjecting or interposing an action or remark that interrupts

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That means Google's two greatest and differentiating chatbot strengths -- preemption and interjection -- remain underutilized, underappreciated and underwhelming.
Schriffin underscores the complexities of this exchange by identifying the multiple discursive levels mediated by the interjection But:
Each interjection can convey multiple meanings; for example, wow can express wonder and surprise (and arguably other emotions), while ouch can express pain or annoyance.
Since the elegiac Ach does not exist in the English language, the translator chooses another primary interjection.
The billed two hour show ended up lasting an extra five minutes following the interjection of a particularly unfunny heckler who caused Mayall and Edmondson to interrupt their routine on several occasions before eventually being ejected.
On the negative side, some may find gratuitous the interjection of an antiabortion plug in the section on baptismal imagery.
Those with interest in the f-word may discover more than they ever wanted to know: Pages 830 to 843 display it as interjection, noun, verb, adjective, expletive, adverb, infix (as in abso-effing-lutely), and as phrasemaker, acronym, and initialism.
Barton often reveals her own identity through the interjection of value judgments, duly noted as such.
Instead of a jaunty allegro the finale meandered in arthritically so Mozart's inspired andante cantabile interjection had to be played at a funereal pace to compensate.
The work explores this interjection of the academe into international policymaking as a turning point in American foreign policy after which lawmakers would increasingly turn to experts for both policy advice and to dress naked political machinations in a veil of academic gravitas.
The sixth time was Williams' crucial interjection a minute into injury time.
Without this wonderful lady's interjection this critically injured man would surely have died.
Savill made sure there was no room for further interjection by saying: "Welcome to the awards - I won't give them a name.
They also include a functional word, the interjection "oh si.
Named before the interjection became popular, however.