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any measuring instrument that uses interference patterns to make accurate measurements of waves

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He often focuses on interferometry, a method astronomers have long used to combine electromagnetic waves--both radio and visible--from several different telescopes.
Die plug analysis, chloroform washing of the co-PET layer and white light interferometry were used for experimental validation of CFD results.
Although the performances of CT have now been well studied in SAR 2-D imaging and Interferometry SAR (InSAR) has achieved a good state of art in this decade [19, 20], some properties of CT are still unclear in InSAR Digital Elevation Model (DEM).
1995, Applicability of SAR interferometry for operational monitoring of landslides.
He therefore switched to electronic speckle pattern interferometry, a computer-based method.
The holographic interferometry is used in vibration and modal analysis, structural analysis, composite materials and adhesive testing, stress and strain evaluation, and flow, volume/shape, and thermal analysis.
Key words: holography, holographic interferometry, temperature field, wood
The text features reprints from a supplement on seismic interferometry which appeared in 2006 with the July-August issue of Geophysics and papers published since 2006 which represent recent developments in the field.
The CHARA Array is currently the largest of several new installations around the world applying 21st-century technology to an old idea: optical interferometry.
The Xi-100 is said to complement the company's XP Series of stylus-type surface profilers by combining white light and phase-shifting interferometry for precise, non-destructive surface measurements that are internally and permanently referenced to a standard wavelength of light, according to the literature.
5 million for the Space Interferometry Mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Following this, advances included the (a-stable) relative spring gravimeters, free-fall measurements made by dropping macroscopic objects and using the methods of geometrical optics to sense motion, and finally, free-fall measurements made using optical interferometry.
The more technical description is: "Non-contact, three-dimensional surface measurement using frequency modulated and optical phase-shifting interferometry.
Phase Grating Interferometry (PGI) is ideal for high precision, optical grade components, many of which have form accuracies specified as fractions of a wavelength.
During the construction process, eleven major jigs were installed in the wing assembly hangar, and new fuselage alignment and integration systems -- controlled by optical systems and interferometry -- have been put into place in the final assembly hangar.