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any measuring instrument that uses interference patterns to make accurate measurements of waves

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s) framework agreement with a single economic operator for the requirements associated with the implementation of the agreements between the presidency of the council of ministers - department of civil protection and the university of florence - department of earth sciences - framework agreement for the service of earth-based radar interferometry detection for landslide monitoring, Hydrogeological and other geological phenomena - territorial monitoring activities for civil protection purposes with advanced gb-insar products and services - advanced ground-based techniques interferometric synthetic radar openings , For the remote and continuous measurement of soil deformations with very high precision for the activities of the department of earth sciences.
It's therefore desirable to obtain both the color image and the 3-D topography data of an object with a single scan using only interferometric objectives.
In the course of coherent interferometric imaging experiment, only synthesizer 1 was used, but in the course of incoherent interferometric imaging experiment, both synthesizer 1 and synthesizer 2 were used (the synthesizer 1 provided frequencies for transmitter and other units while the synthesizer 2 only provided frequencies for the two-channel receiver).
Herd, "Carbon black dispersion measurement in rubber vulicanizates via interferometric microscopy, " Rubber Chem and Tech.
While one normally would avoid such "heavy work" during interferometric experiments, at the level of our precision the data taken after point B do not show a systematic shift compared to the data taken before point A.
The Racal effort is understood to involve operational analysis and is to be broken down into a number of sub-efforts looking at areas such as bi-multistatic systems, waveform types, frequency optimization, signal processing, interferometric solutio ns and platform applications.
Intensity sensors are the most rugged but the least sensitive; interferometric sensors are very sensitive but the least rugged.
Model dB-3710C TWT Amplifiers Are Integrated with Intermap Proprietary Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Technology to Collect 3D Radar Mapping Data
The core technologies in Arexis are ultra wideband digital receivers and DRFMs (Digital Radio Frequency Memory) devices, gallium nitride solid state active electronically scanned array jammer transmitters and interferometric direction finding systems.
Their topics include interferometric fiber-optic sensors, polymer optical fiber sensors, surface plasmon resonance fiber-optic sensors, liquid crystal optical fibers for sensing applications, acousto-optic effect and its applications in optical fibers, distributed fiber-optic sensors and their applications, active core optical fiber chemical sensors and applications, optical fiber humidity sensors, and optical fiber sensors for smart composite materials and structures.
Interferometric optical velocimetry is a primary diagnostic method for shock physics, pulsed power, and hypervelocity experiments, and is used to measure a velocity time history for a surface of interest.
He covers electromagnetic plane wave fundamentals, electromagnetic waves in media, antennas, receivers, radiometry, radar, imaging systems, and the interferometric measurement of angular velocity.
Along-track interferometry (ATI) is an operational and easy way in ground moving target indication (GMTI) with along-track dual-channel synthetic aperture radar (SAR) [1-4], but the interferometric phase is very sensitive to the coherence of the complex image pair.
Mount Wilson Observatory, with its historic 100-inch and 60-inch telescopes and its state-of-the-art CHARA interferometric array, barely escaped destruction in the wildfire that raged through southern California's Angeles National Forest in September.
Focus in the experimental section is on resonant-mass detectors and interferometric detectors.