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any measuring instrument that uses interference patterns to make accurate measurements of waves

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The reference PMD meter in an optical fiber based on the interferometric method (requirements and technical parameters - in the attached file)
Saulson introduces the basic logic of interferometric gravitational wave detectors to people who are new to the field and have a basic knowledge of physics but not necessarily of either general relativity or the special techniques of experimental physics.
Although the proposed spectrometer covers a spectral range in the VIS regime, it may not be directly competitive with commercial interferometric spectrometers, because they typically span the full UV-VIS or VIS-NIR spectrum.
The company said it will use its proprietary Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) technology to collect orthorectified radar imagery and high resolution elevation data and feed into and improve the customer's existing geospatial map database.
But a technique known as Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar can do all that and much more -- or less -- right down to differences of mere centimeters.
Spaceborne SAR geolocation technology includes three modes: single SAR image geolocation [4], interferometric SAR geolocation [5], and stereo SAR geolocation [6].
Students, researchers, and practitioners can read about such aspects as advanced algorithms for land use and cover classification, generating digital elevation models from satellite interferometric synthetic aperture radar, assessing urbanization patterns and trends in the Gulf of Mexico region of the southeast US with Landsat and night-time lights imagery, estimating and mapping forest leaf area index using satellite imagery, advanced geospatial techniques for mapping and monitoring invasive species, and mapping marine oil spills from space.
The Small Synthetic Aperture Minehunter system contains vertically spaced rows of hydrophones for interferometric (technique to extract arrival angle of acoustic waves) data processing.
Coherent change detection, on the other hand, uses the magnitude of the sample complex cross correlation of an interferometric SAR image pair to quantify changes in the observed amplitude and phase of the image pixels.
Spotlight SAR and interferometric SAR (InSAR) are both advanced operation modes of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) [1].
Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensor enables the detection of whole viruses and viral proteins with a new label-free platform based on spectral reflectance imaging.
Heat transfer by natural convection of the air on vertical plates and in mortises was investigated on a model by the interferometric method.
Among the topics are the physical properties of red supergiants, the dying carbon star U Antliae, interferometric observations of supergiants, the circumstellar-interstellar boundary around evolved stars, chromospheres and the winds of cool supergiants, polarization from the structured envelopes of cool evolved stars, and a cool star mass loss rate study.
Smos carries a single instrument - an interferometric radiometer called Miras.
Designed to be paired with Omega's interferometric fiber optic sensors, the FOH201 is useful for temperature, pressure, and strain measurements.