interference fringe

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one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light


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Close above the test specimen surface a thermal marginal layer is created where it is possible to investigate the interference fringes.
An etalon of the material is illuminated with synchrotron radiation, and the interference fringes in the transmittance spectrum are measured using a Fourier transform spectrometer.
Balanced detector output signal show the interference fringes signal.
included a grid of thin absorbing wires located in the interference fringes plane.
Pieces of glass cooled down quickly showed interference fringes, which depended also on their form.
From the size of these interference fringes, the scientists reconstructed the shapes of the balls as they shattered.
Michelson's interferometer is a device that can be used to measure length or change in length with great accuracy, by means of interference fringes.
For further analysis of the IR spectra, the interference fringes were subtracted from the spectra.
i[eta]] one can measure the shift of the interference fringes reflecting the phase difference between |[[psi].
First, the development of novel sample holders, which decrease the amount of light scattering and interference fringes.
However, such optical measurements of R and T through a pellicle produce a myriad of interference fringes that complicate the analysis.
That is, interference fringes will be observed as oppositely-modulated signal intensity ([varies] probability) as a function of relative phase [phi].
The Tubingen team's images reveal that with increasing certainty, the interference fringes become progressively blurred.
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