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Synonyms for interfere



interfere with someone

interfere with something or someone

Synonyms for interfere

to intervene officiously or indiscreetly in the affairs of others

Synonyms for interfere

come between so as to be hindrance or obstacle

Related Words

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

References in classic literature ?
5) He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.
Curtains of trees interfered with his ways of vision.
The young Mexican hesitated; he urged to have his wife restored to him, but her brother interfered, and the countenance of the chief grew dark.
When each member of the community has sufficient for his wants, and is not interfered with by his neighbour, it will not be an object of any interest to him to interfere with anyone else.
It seems very much as if you had interfered, marquis," he said slowly.
He is one of the body responsible for the planet's traffic, and for that reason must not be interfered with.
He pondered a moment, and would have done it, I think, but his mother arrived, then, and interfered.
Something interfered, and we did not visit the Red Sea and walk upon the sands of Arabia.
Somebody was bullying somebody, and Martin interfered, to be confronted by Cheese-Face's blazing eyes.
A lady seated behind Francine interfered to good purpose by giving her a chair, which placed her out of sight of the audience.
The Judges interfered from the Bench, but with no good result.
It interfered with my work, and I permitted nothing to interfere with my work.
Delamayn interfered once more, in the interests, this time, of the lady of the house.
By a strange contradiction it was Horace himself who now interfered to prevent Mercy from leaving the room.
This interfered with the solitude I coveted for the prosecution of my task; yet at the commencement of my journey the presence of my friend could in no way be an impediment, and truly I rejoiced that thus I should be saved many hours of lonely, maddening reflection.