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Synonyms for interfere



interfere with someone

interfere with something or someone

Synonyms for interfere

to intervene officiously or indiscreetly in the affairs of others

Synonyms for interfere

come between so as to be hindrance or obstacle

Related Words

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

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Yet we're told the Royals don't interfere in politics.
Sociology professor Scott Schieman (University of Toronto) and his coauthors Melissa Milkie (University of Maryland) and PhD student Paul Glavin (UofT) asked participants questions like: "How often does your job interfere with your home or family life?
Assistant Saudi Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan stated Monday that Saudi Arabia "does not interfere in the internal politics of other states," according to the London-based ASHARQ AL AWSAT on Monday.
Hmmm, funny that all research carried out to see if mobiles interfere with our brains show no evidence of danger.
Of course, Bush's warnings to Iran not to interfere ignore the fact that the post-Saddam regime we are supporting in Iraq is already closely tied to Iran.
Sam is the owner of the club, but he does not interfere one iota on the playing side.
Compounds in cranberry appear to interfere with the ability of some bacteria to stick to the lining of the urinary tract.
It's OK for the depressors to move as long as they don't move so much they interfere with the M2's functioning.
It reportedly reduces resin viscosity but does not interfere with decorating, printing, bonding, plating, or wet-out of fillers and fibers.
Much less is known about which congeners of this large chemical family may have such action and how they interfere with TH.
I regret that these four primates have chosen to interfere in the life of the Canadian church, especially since a task force has been set up by the house of bishops to develop and provide guidelines for episcopal oversight and it his not completed its work," said Archbishop Crawley, who is metropolitan of the church province of British Columbia and Yukon, in an interview.
The court found that the rule did not violate the employees' freedom of expressive association rights, nor did it directly or substantially interfere with employees' intimate association rights.
A New Jersey bill that would allow the Division of Consumer Affairs to regulate call centers would seriously complicate companies' call-answering systems and interfere with efforts to respond to customers quickly and efficiently, according to the Alliance of American Insurers.
Had he dared to do so, this would have even more strikingly highlighted the audacity of his attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the Catholic community.
Using strips of synthetic RNA that interfere with normal gene action, scientists working with mice have stopped the progression of hepatitis, a lethal inflammation of the liver often caused by a virus.