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Some people mistakenly take interest-only loans because of the lure of the initial lower payments.
Classification of an Investment in a Mortgage-Backed Interest-Only Certificate as Held-to-Maturity
Provides data on the extent to which interest-only loans account for in the mortgage market and forecasts their proportion up to 2010.
The class S interest-only notes receive interest payments according to a fixed schedule and are paid pro rata with the class A-1 notes.
00% of the mortgage loans in pool II have interest-only payments for a period of five years and 10 years, respectively.
5,000,000 class S fixed-rate interest-only notes due 2010 'AAA';
09% of the mortgage loans in Pool I have interest-only payments scheduled during the three-year fixed-rate period, with principal and interest payments commencing after the first rate-adjustment date.
99% of the Pool 1 loans provide for interest-only payments and have an interest-only period of ten years after origination.
The 'AAA' ratings on the interest-only (IO) certificates reflect the priority of the monthly servicing fee recharacterized as excess yield in the underlying WaMu fixed-rate transactions.
Select Step(SM) Account: Allows borrowers to make lower, interest-only payments in the first two or four years and still pay off their loan within the standard 10-year repayment term.