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While the interest rate on the triple CD with variable yield offered by the bank decreased by 1.5% to 14.5% instead of 16%.
Interest rate was as low as 5 percent few years back and it has now risen to over 12 percent.
Paradoxically, institutions are now lending to small customers at truly exorbitant interest rates.
The result revealed that more households had no idea on the direction of interest rate in the past 12 months.
On the other hand, many consumer interest rates are not directly tied to the Fed's interest rate policy.
The average interest rate in the loan portfolio, including the effect of interest-rate derivatives, is now 1.39%, as compared to 2.35% as of end September 2018.
The movement of interest rate is negatively correlated with the PSE Index so that when interest rate rises, the market will fall and vice versa.
The overall weighted average interest rate on all new loans to households and non-financial corporations increased by 32 basis points to 4.71%.
Heightening this concern is the possibility that structural factors have depressed--and will continue to depress for some time--the level of the short-term real interest rate consistent with price stability and economic activity at its potential level.
There are many related definitions of the natural rate, but we will define it as the real (inflation-adjusted) safe interest rate that the economy will converge to over time.
The figures show that the interest rate on loans for house purchase recorded the largest decrease and fell to 4.37% compared with 4.67% in the previous month.
The Central Bank instructed banks in Macedonia to be more cautious with the interest rate margin since the room for cutting interest rates on savings deposits was shrinking.
Many policymakers have raised concerns about the current levels of interest rate risk in the financial system.
Citizens may sign money lending agreements at interest rates they need, but in case of a lawsuit, the court will take into account the interest rate annually set by the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan.