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Synonyms for interdict

Synonyms for interdict

a coercive measure intended to ensure compliance or conformity

Synonyms for interdict

an ecclesiastical censure by the Roman Catholic Church withdrawing certain sacraments and Christian burial from a person or all persons in a particular district

a court order prohibiting a party from doing a certain activity

destroy by firepower, such as an enemy's line of communication

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I presume then that you are going to make one of the interdicted answers?
On receiving intelligence of this event, Tamaahmaah had immediately tabooed all the canoes, and interdicted all intercourse with the ship, lest the captain should learn the fate of the schooner, and take his revenge upon the island.
By the laws of several States, certain descriptions of aliens, who had rendered themselves obnoxious, were laid under interdicts inconsistent not only with the rights of citizenship but with the privilege of residence.
1334, which interdicts access to the cloister to "any woman whatever, old or young, mistress or maid." Upon which the bishop had been constrained to recite to him the ordinance of Legate Odo, which excepts certain great dames, aliquoe magnates mulieres, quoe sine scandalo vitari non possunt .
I subsequently found out that the fabric they were engaged in making was of a peculiar kind, destined to be worn on the heads of the females, and through every stage of its manufacture was guarded by a rigorous taboo, which interdicted the whole masculine gender from even so much as touching it.
Fouquet, according to his custom, having interdicted his door, was working in the cabinet of his house at Saint-Mande, with which we are already acquainted, a carriage, drawn by four horses steaming with sweat, entered the court at full gallop.
The dry-room, this pantheon, this sanctum sanctorum of the tulip-fancier, was, as Delphi of old, interdicted to the profane uninitiated.
The ideas of chivalrous honour, which, amidst his wildness and levity, never utterly abandoned De Bracy, prohibited him from doing the knight any injury in his defenceless condition, and equally interdicted his betraying him to Front-de-B uf, who would have had no scruples to put to death, under any circumstances, the rival claimant of the fief of Ivanhoe.
(customers' scores were interdicted by the strict administration of the Porters), wrote out the copy in a fair round character.
I rose as at thy call, but found thee not; To find thee I directed then my walk; And on, methought, alone I pass'd through ways That brought me on a sudden to the Tree Of interdicted Knowledge: fair it seem'd, Much fairer to my Fancie then by day: And as I wondring lookt, beside it stood One shap'd & wing'd like one of those from Heav'n By us oft seen; his dewie locks distill'd Ambrosia; on that Tree he also gaz'd; And O fair Plant, said he, with fruit surcharg'd, Deigns none to ease thy load and taste thy sweet, Nor God, nor Man; is Knowledge so despis'd?
At the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Friday, opponents of the move made by the Prime Minister were denied an interim interdict to halt the prorogation of Parliament by judge Lord Doherty.
Aidan O'Neill QC has requested that Lord Doherty pass an interdict which suspends the Privy Council ruling to shut down Parliament, leaving MPs very little time to halt a no-deal Brexit.
The Department of Water and Sanitation in the Eastern Cape has instituted criminal and civil cases against the Chris Hani District Municipality to force the municipality to clean up the Great Fish River in Cradock.The department said it has applied for a "Structural Interdict", which compels the municipality to report to a civil court on the progress made in rehabilitating the polluted river.
'The Coast Guard and our partner agencies coordinate efforts to interdict and stop these unlawful migration attempts in to the United States,' he added.
On Friday 10 May, Anglo American Platinum was granted an interim court interdict against any strike action by GIWUSA at Mototolo Mine.