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Synonyms for intercostal

located or occurring between the ribs

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The fifth intercostal space is usually regarded as the lowest safe space on the lateral chest wall for CTI.[2],[6] However, Bowness et al .[6] demonstrated that the skin mark for CTI was significantly more likely to locate the sixth intercostal space or below in women when the horizontal level of the nipple is used to identify the fifth intercostal space and therefore risked causing lower or even subdiaphragmatic drain insertion.
The previously applied skin sutures and skin was removed and exhaustive exploration of subcutaneous and muscular tissue was done in the ventral 6th, 7th and 8th intercostal spaces, but unsuccessful.
KEY WORDS: Intercostal muscle flap, Postoperative pain, Thoracotomy, Intracostal sutures.
Etiology of mycotic aneurysm of the intercostal artery follows a similar pattern.
Urgent right lateral thoracotomy was performed revealing a bleeding posterior intercostal artery (ICA) in the lateral chest wall at the level of the 8th intercostal space.
There was displacement of bilateral 7th and 8th ribs with a left-sided 8th rib fracture and herniation of the abdominal contents through the intercostal space (Figures 1 and 2).
Intercostal nerve injury is a likely etiology of remote herniation and has previously been implicated in post-thoracotomy pain syndrome.
Along its cranial course, the subclavian artery first gave off the sternoclavicular artery, and then the axillary artery, intercostal artery and finally internal and external thoracic arteries.
However, with a diagnosis of only a side strain - Anderson confirmed the injury is "not an intercostal (muscle)" and added it "didn't look too serious" when assessed yesterday morning - he hopes to be good to go for the fifth Test beginning on August 20.
But with a diagnosis of only a side strain - Anderson confirmed the injury is not an intercostal muscle and added that it "didn't look too serious" when assessed yesterday - he hopes to be good to go for the fifth Test beginning on August 20.
For cardiac and thoracic surgery patients, the pain impulses are blocked by ablating the intercostal nerve bundle(s), thereby alleviating the pain associated with a thoracotomy incision.
Therefore, this study was designed to determine the effect of respiratory muscle fatigue on intercostal and forearm muscles blood volume and oxygenation in HF patients.
INTRODUCTION: Normally the undivided lateral cutaneous branch of second intercostal nerve leaves the second intercostal space by piercing the lateral thoracic wall at midaxillary plane, passes along the base of axilla within the central group of axillary lymph nodes, reaches the upper and medial part of arm where it joins with medial cutaneous nerve of arm to form intercostobrachial nerve to supply the skin of upper and medial parts of arm.