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The NTC said the decision to lower interconnection rates is in line with efforts to reduce communications costs, maintain and foster fair competition in the telecommunications industry as well as to make mobile voice service more affordable to the public.
In 2011, NTC issued a memorandum circular lowering the interconnection rate for SMS from P0.
Across every single challenge or opportunity, companies who have not yet deployed interconnection solutions have much lower expectations for the strategic role interconnection can play in achieving their highest priority business goals.
The decision of the MPHPT to approve an increase in NTT East and West's interconnection rates is now being legally challenged by a group of New Common Carriers (NCC) concerned about the decision.
Maintaining the interconnection: the organizations maintain the interconnection after it is established to ensure that it operates properly and securely.
Japan is seeking to introduce a new model for interconnection rates in 2000, but the current proposal "is significantly above other rates available in countries such as the U.
The Note argues that section 6002 of the Budget Act granted the FCC jurisdiction over LEC-CMRS interconnection and that the FCC's jurisdiction remained intact after Congress's enactment of the 1996 Act.
I'm not sure just what it would mean in real-world terms for a firm to change the number of internal interconnections it possesses, because I'm not sure exactly what the "parts" of Kauffman's abstract entities should correspond to in an economic context.
We think that optical interconnection will be a key enabling technology for computer and telecom/datacom equipment firms, which will increasingly find that the speed of internal interconnection is limiting their success in deploying the latest processors.
Equinix has observed a critical business requirement driving demand for interconnection capacity the need to interconnect people, locations, clouds and data.
From 1 January 2007 TeliaSonera Finland would collect mobile interconnection fees of EUR0.
NTT President Junichiro Miyazu said his company's interconnection rates ''are based on set interconnection rules and we have been lowering them every year.
Power plant developers enter the ISO's generation interconnection queue as part of the process of getting their new generation projects, many of them renewable power plants, connected to the California grid.
Verizon has signed up four new service provider IP VoIP arrangements under its IP VoIP interconnection partnership program.
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