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participation in Holy Communion by members of more than one church (eg Catholic and Orthodox)

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Timothy Ware contends that Afanassieff regarded intercommunion (that is, sharing in the eucharist among separate churches) as a practical consequence of his theology.
Those who insist upon doctrinal agreement before intercommunion is allowed would seem to Suggest that sharing the eucharist together is a sign of attaining concordia unity.
Moreover, whatever view is taken of intercommunion in general, the question arises whether ecumenical gatherings do not constitute a special case.
Also see Eoin de Bhaldraithe, "Intercommunion," The Heythrop Journal 43 (January, 2002): 78.
* Intercommunion, and more generally the ecumenical dimension of the Eucharist.
The brothers at Taize say they see this arrangement as a temporary stop on the path to full intercommunion.
A troubling aspect of the current interchurch controversy in Ireland over intercommunion and eucharistic hospitality is the spirit of animosity which has crept into the public discussions.
Other scholarship focuses on practical and pastoral issues facing ecumenical marriages, such as the problems of intercommunion and the celebration of the sacraments.
Priestly celibacy, Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, intercommunion with other Christians, and the question of what to do about pro-choice Catholic politicians are a few of the sticky issues that have been the subject of frank discussions in unusually public fashion during the first few days of the 21st Synod of Bishops, which runs Oct.
The officials said the Catholic rule against shared Communion still holds, and intercommunion is not practiced at Taize.
Comity arrangements assigned specific territorial areas to each mission, thus preventing competition and "sheep-stealing." This was an essential precondition for the mutual goodwill that made possible much cooperation, shared worship, and even intercommunion. As far as intercommunion is concerned, there may have been some Lutheran and Anglican holdouts, but, if so, they kept a low profile, and I was not aware of their existence.
Ecumenical dialogue has resulted in some significant agreements on eucharistic doctrine and practice(18) but both "intercommunion" and "eucharistic hospitality" continue to be subjects of disagreement and debate, and at any ecumenical meeting it is not possible to have an officially-sanctioned eucharist at which Orthodox, Protestants and Roman Catholics can all receive communion.
Outler, the Methodist minister and historian at Southern Methodist University, was disappointed that the Second Vatican Council--where he had been a Protestant observer--had not approved intercommunion among Christians.
The issue (7-10 of 1968) following that, on the Prague coup, entitled "A Risky Gesture," is entirely devoted to the unofficial Catholic--Protestant intercommunion that took place at Pentecost 1968, and in which Georges and Dorothee Casalis, Paul Ricoeur, Jacques Lochard, and Theodore Monod all acknowledged having participated.
They regard the ambiguous shift on divorce and remarriage as a proof-of-concept for how the church can change on a wider range of issues, where they have lately made forays and appeals - intercommunion with Protestants, married priests, same-sex relationships, euthanasia, female deacons, artificial birth control, and more.
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