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A similar architecture for intelligent agents is presented in [26], where various reasoning engines are employed as plug-in components, while agents intercommunicate via FIPA-based communication protocols.
The company is also a leading developer of proprietary software for the Internet, including the Emily Framework (, a programming environment that enables the creation of websites that use the XML standard and intercommunicate via XML and HTTP, and online gaming software (
In the following decades, this PE acquired increasing importance as a lingua franca, enabling Melanesians from different parts of the multilingual territories of Vanuatu, the Solomons, and Papua New Guinea to intercommunicate. Singular Plural 1 met `I' 1830 1 we `us' 1871, me fellow `we'/`us' 1874-, you and me `we'/`us' 1884, we two fellow 1893, we fellow 1894, you me altogether 1897, you me two fellow 1897, you me three fellow 1897, me two fellow 1898, me you 1914 2 2 you fellow 1898 3 him, hims 1866, 3 he fellow 1874,, him fellow 1886, this fellow 1865, altogether 1884, dem 1888, that fellow 1871 all he `they' 1908, them fellow 1910
Web pages combine multimedia and the ability to intercommunicate. These characteristics not only permit a seller to provide product and service information, but also to communicate directly with potential buyers.
Where and how does music lodge within him, within me, within you; in how many and in which ways can he compose his discourses and intercommunicate thoughts about his composed-timesound expressive phenomena?
DCA manages information from instruments to control devices that intercommunicate with plant equipment.
"It can allow each of these local dirtside Internets to intercommunicate via long- haul spaceside protocols.
DAVE DAVIDSON: The ability to compile information and use it effectively is not evolving as fast as buildings that intercommunicate and interoperate, but I think deregulation is going to quickly pick up the pace.
Before devices from different manufacturers can intercommunicate there must be an open standard.
On the one hand, we know that all the states intercommunicate, that is, given two trees [T.sub.1] and [T.sub.2] built over the set K, the probability of ever reaching [T.sub.2] starting from [T.sub.1] is strictly greater than zero.
Most safety experts, including the Defense Department, believe that additional spectrum is necessary to implement interoperability, or the ability of emergency response agencies to intercommunicate. There is insufficient public safety spectrum currently allocated to implement any comprehensive regional, statewide, or national plans.
A set of function and call programs that allows clients and servers to intercommunicate.
Thousands of colleges, universities, government agencies, and commercial and non-profit concerns are attached to Internet and can therefore intercommunicate. Internet presently includes BITNET, Arpanet, MILitary NETwork, CSNet, NSFNET, BARRNet, CICNet, JvNet, Merit, MIDNet, NEARNet, NYSERNet, OARNet, PREPNet, Sesquinet, SURANet, WESTNet, and many others.
Artie can be integrated into complete lines and can intercommunicate with a variety of software.