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38) Still, Saint George's prominence must also be explained in terms of the crusaders' widespread acceptance of him as both a warrior-saint and as an intercessor before arriving at Ramla.
It was thanks to these intercessors, both Christian and Muslim, that he was able to receive pardon.
Acting as intercessors on behalf of the beholder, they evoke the role of the saints in Raphael's other representations of visions, the Madonna of Foligno, ca.
Mediatrix is a Latin word that means mediator or intercessor.
With every new intercessor, he peels back a little more of the Vatican II consciousness of a collegial church in which, although he is first among the bishops, he does not dole out their authority from an imperial height.
Is the eyewitness or Walpole incorrect, or has the date been piously modified to make the tragic event fall upon the day belonging to the most famous saintly intercessor for those in desperate straits?
Joseph, intercessor and protector, to intercede for us and protect us, our families, and our nation so that Gods love, and not the enemys darkness, may envelop and cover us.
Although physically outside our imperfect daily reality, the Virgin as queen, mother, and intercessor functions as a comforting ideal who is provided here with pictorial form.
As an economist very much involved in advising NGOs and business corporations in formulating their projects or programs for corporate social responsibility, I do not hesitate to recommend Blessed Alvaro as an intercessor for the success of their respective missions.
Ironically, by making Mary our formal intercessor we could well put her in the way, giving her, conceptually, more power than she ever sought and ignoring the graceful good sense that kept her on the sidelines.
Portraying an angry and vengeful Jesus, emphasizing the role of Mary as an intercessor, and appealing to "the traditional Christian program of social justice" (139) they treated subjects that were part of the "common stock of late medieval spirituality" (145).
They believe that Jehovah is the only true God and Jesus, God's only begotten Son who served as a redeemer and a ransom sacrifice to pay for the sins of humanity as the only intercessor between God and man.
Twenty-six people offered intercessor prayers, reflecting the many concerns of Nouwen's life, including L'Arche, teaching, the church, dying, ecumenism, friendship, ministry, retreats, women in the church, art and AIDS.
In the translation from the Mari language, "coma, comino" is an otter, a forest animal, a keeper of the forest, an intercessor of all animals, and in nature a species that reacts very sensitively to a change in the purity of the environment.
Therese," the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines (MOP), which also hosted the first three visits of her relic in 2000, 2008, and 2013, continues to invite the public to visit and pray before the sacred relic of the miraculous intercessor.