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Synonyms for intercession

Synonyms for intercession

a prayer to God on behalf of another person

the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.)

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The soft-hearted cook added his intercession, and the result was that the man who had first appeared undertook its delivery.
For when he came back to make intercession for his sister, me and Mrs Boffin were away overlooking a country contract which was to be sifted before carted, and he was come and gone in a single hour.
Clare felt the loss of Eva as deeply as she could feel anything; and, as she was a woman that had a great faculty of making everybody unhappy when she was, her immediate attendants had still stronger reason to regret the loss of their young mistress, whose winning ways and gentle intercessions had so often been a shield to them from the tyrannical and selfish exactions of her mother.
Allah alone can grant your desire, and I should advise you, sire, to send large gifts to those holy men who spend their lives in prayer, and to beg for their intercessions.
Any doubtfulness of the fact, or any circumstance of mitigation, was never disregarded: but the petitions of an offender, or the intercessions of others, did not in the least affect him.
Not all members of the committee could back the acceptance of homosexual persons' living together, and consequently they could not accept the proposal for a liturgy of intercession or blessing.
While we're disappointed in the PSC's recent decision and its associated delay, Hines 2 is still very much in our future plans, and the addition of peakers at Intercession City simply postpones that phase to a later date," said Richardson.
With little deviation, those interviewed cited that Supreme Court intercession would extend the period before the telecommunications industry would stabilize and see investment return, with estimates ranging from 15 months to years.
But when the chips are down and our tradition offers centuries of testimony to the intercession of St.
For Paul, the prayers of the faithful in petition, thanksgiving, and intercession are never to be just about ourselves but are to engage a world beyond ourselves and our communities.
He died in April 1959 and since then there have been many reports of prayers answered and wonders worked through his intercession.
Canadian Anglicans worship alongside American Episcopalians and other denominations at the Chapel of the Intercession at Llewellyn Beach, a white clapboard church built in the 19th century.
This saint, who's feast day it is today, was well known for her healing intercession and her holy oil is still efficacious in dramatic healings.
Remedial programs come in the form of summer school, intercession, after-school and even weekend programs, as well as extra independent study time in class.