intercellular substance

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the body substance in which tissue cells are embedded

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In biological tissues, the electrolyte is an intercellular substance and cellular contents [5, 6].
In addition GAG regulates the organization processes and metabolism of the intercellular substance and provides anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect (Matching, Potapov, and Stroitelev, 2002).
Histologically, these tumours show a scant, loosely cellular proliferation consisting of stellate or spindle-shaped cells with a prominent mucoid intercellular substance. Cellular pleomorphism, mitotic figures, and necrosis are absent.
This type of tissue contains different types of cells that are separated by an extracellular material called intercellular substance. This is composed of both fibrous and amorphous components.
Our data suggest that they consist of a highly complex intercellular substance - perhaps a carbohydrate or protein mixture."