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an insertion into a calendar

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There are three techniques applied to prepare the precursor of EG, namely, graphite intercalation compound (GIC)--gas phase intercalation, chemical oxidation, and electrochemical intercalation [13].
This increase in the interlayer distance between consecutive carbon basal planes is attributed to the intercalation of oxygen functional groups and water molecules into carbon layer structure [30, 39].
The surface compositions and bonding states of the ZnAl-LDH films after intercalation with different anions were also examined by XPS.
Plating is particularly likely to occur when one attempts to exceed the physical limitations on intercalation rates in the negative electrode: in that scenario, lithium begins to plate the surfaces of negative electrode particles instead of intercalating into the particles.
Nanoclay such as MMT can be a reinforcing phase with TPS since MMT is a layered aluminium silicate with sodium cations and allows intercalation of starch amylose and hydrophilic plasticizer within its gallery spacing [15,16].
Several studies have focused on intercalation of various dye molecules, especially organic dyes, into the layered inorganic lamella, in particular anionic clays for different applications and purposes [2].
Recent research indicates that, with proper control of intercalation conditions, MMT can carry nicotine, timolol, ibuprofen, and donepezil among other therapeutic drugs and effectively modulate the drug release behavior.
In studies involving intercalation reactions, it has been observed that LDHs and HDSs exhibit selectivity when intercalating geometric isomers [5, 13-15].
Intercalation of conducting polymers into layered structure of phyllosilicates is expected to lead to nanocomposites with high degree of polymer ordering and with enhanced thermal and mechanical stability and gas barrier properties compared to pristine polymers (Alexander and Dubois, 2000).
Such motion may be facilitated by lattice distortions in the hexagonal hydrogen planes in a manner similar to that observed in graphite intercalation compounds.
The method is often used in the synthesis of pillared bentonite are intercalation and pilarization method, which is a larger cation insertion as cations alkylammonium, polyhydroxy metal ions, or positively charged colloidal particles into the space between the layers and separate the two layers, the distance of the interlayers will form a greater.
Among the nanoporous materials, the Prussian blue analogues, [A.sub.x]M[[Fe[(CN).sub.6]].sub.y]z[H.sub.2]O(A and Mare alkali metal and transition metal, resp.), are attracting current interest of material scientists because they exhibit useful functionalities, such as battery properties mediated by Li+ intercalation [1-8], electrochromism mediated by Na+ intercalation [9-16], and the elimination of Cs+ from aqueous solution by precipitation [17].
After oxidation by many viable cells, the generated ethidium has red fluorescence upon DNA intercalation (Ex/Em = 518/605 nm).
The uncured composition according to claim 1, wherein said layered filler is selected from clays modified by intercalation or exfoliation by treatment with at least one modifying agent or swelling agent or exfoliating agent or additive capable of undergoing ion exchange reactions with the cations present at the interlayer surfaces of the clay.
Among his achievements, Professor Bruce has conducted ground-breaking research into nanostructured intercalation electrodes and polymer electrolytes that underpin rechargeable lithium ion batteries.