interbank loan

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a loan from one bank to another

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(5) The interbank loan data are obtained from the annual reports of banks with lump sum numbers under the liability items of "loans and advances to banks" and "deposits by banks".
"Efficiency and Bargaining Power in the Interbank Loan Market." Bank of Canada Working Paper no.
HSBC, the biggest supplier of credit to other banks, also cut its exposures the most sharply with a 40% overall decline in interbank loans to the region.
The spread that bank C pays on its interbank loans depends on bank B's perception of the probability that C will default on its debt at date 2.
He hinted that governments should implement measures such as guaranteeing interbank loans to prevent financial institutions from going bust.
Although these funds yield very low returns from the ECB (0.25%), these day-to-day deposits have beaten records in recent weeks - evidence of the severe dysfunction of the interbank loan market.
At its November 10 meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) continued its series of policy rate increases with another 25 basis point (bp) rise in the target for the overnight uncollateralized interbank loan (federal funds) rate.
This has been accompanied by a growing lack of confidence in the European banking system, which has resulted in disturbances in the functioning of the interbank loan market and it has become more difficult for banks to obtain financing in the bond market.'
The Federal Reserve uses the overnight interbank loan ("federal funds") rate as its policy target.
The bank will monitor movements in the interbank loan rate before making a decision on raising mortgage costs for all clients, she reportedly said.
Meanwhile, interest on deposits with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and other banks declined by 15.4 percent to P9.93 million as well as Interest on interbank loans receivables and securities purchased under resale agreement dropped by 57.3 percent to P14.52 million.
At present, regulatory measures governing real estate exposures of banks include a loan limit of 20 percent of total loan portfolio, net of interbank loans, as well as the real estate stress test limits which were adopted in pursuit of the BSP's objective of fostering financial stability.