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Synonyms for interaction

a mutual or reciprocal action

(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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In spite of the widely held belief that interaction can influence the quality of online learning (Roblyer & Ekhaml, 2000), there has been relatively little empirical research investigating how online learners would view the different types of interaction.
Cultural brokerage, as outlined by Weidman (1982, 1983), can be employed to mediate in the interaction, or the number of cultures involved can be decreased.
L)] interaction involving the neutrino state (2) (7) can be written as (8)
Some interactions mean that the drugs cannot be used together at all.
Mechanical mixing shifts the balance of these two opposite interactions as much as possible in favor of extensive filler-matrix interaction and better dispersion of the filler.
The new InterAction Gadget Web Services are components for integrating InterAction capabilities into the Plumtree Corporate Portal, offering customers a comprehensive solution for extending CRM capabilities to professional services firms that use corporate portals as the gateway to their business resources.
Most pharmacies - even small neighborhood drug stores - have computer software that will send up a red flag when a drug interaction is detected, said Barry Keane, pharmacist at Northridge Pharmacy.
The company designed Interaction Optimizer to offer affordable forecasting, scheduling, and real-time adherence capabilities to contact centers of all sizes.
Can online education promote and develop the interaction and participation found lacking in face-to-face college education?
One study failed to find a statistically significant interaction with ritonavir, which affects the CYP450 enzyme system differently; however, that study used only four days of garlic treatment.
Built on Exony's experience and understanding of virtualized customer interaction, VIM incorporates both the next generation of Exony Reporting and Analytics and the new Resource Management capability for controlling VCC customer service teams and infrastructure, all within the proven Exony Virtualization Framework for security, partitioning and user interaction.
Next generation Customer Interaction Management solution enhances unified communication channels to further improve the customer experience
Furthermore, the NICE Perform Compliance Suite is proving to be a unique competitive differentiator, as financial services organizations are seeking to harness the power of interaction analytics to address key challenges in regulatory compliance, risk management, and corporate governance," he continued.
Nasdaq:ININ), a global developer of business communications software, has released a new VoIP-enabled version of its outbound dialing and campaign management software, Interaction Dialer([R]), designed for contact centers, teleservices firms and collections operations.
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