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A long term customer of Interact, the ASPCA positions its intranet as a place where employees go to educate, collaborate, and connect.
As the tour of 4Words - featuring four new short plays - neared its conclusion, the InterACT trainees who performed in it or were employed behind the scenes spoke of the value of the InterACT scheme.
Where: Interact Theatre Company at the Matrix Theatre, 7657 Melrose Ave.
THREE FACES OF QUALITY -- Nov 11-Dec 22 InterAct (24 core hrs $1250/$1400 non)
MOO stands for "MUD, Object Oriented"; and MUD, in turn, refers to Multi-User Dimensions, which are real-time text-based chats for people to interact electronically (Young, 2002).
Interact ha venido prestando servicios a America Latina desde enero del 2001.
On the heels of this announcement, the company signaled the commencement of its M&A strategy with an announcement of its intent to acquire the Law Enforcement Division of BIO-key, consequently making InterAct the largest public safety software company in the world with more than 2,000 customers.
FINANCIAL DECISION MAKING--Sept 30--Nov 10 InterAct (24 core hrs $1250/$1400 non)
Spergel, the particles interact strongly with each other, colliding and scattering like billiard balls.
For more information about how InterAct courses work, or to suggest topics for future Express Web courses, please contact Lou Ellen Horwitz at 800-562-8088 or lhorwitz@acpe.
To circumvent the mismatches, some theorists suggested that particles of cold dark matter interact with each other more strongly than astronomers had proposed.
ACPE's most popular course, the Physician in Management Seminar, is now available as a study-at-home InterAct course.
This year, ACPE's InterAct CD/Web Education courses sport a cleaner look and new, easier-to-use features that are garnering rave reviews from physicians enrolled in the online classes and from the faculty members who teach them.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of solutions and technologies for Enterprise Decision Management (EDM), kicked off its 2006 North American InterACT customer conference today in San Francisco.
InterAct Public Safety Systems, a leading provider of public safety and homeland security technology solutions used by local, state, national and international government agencies, today announced that the Mohegan Tribal Police has successfully utilized InterAct Public Safety Systems' technology to enable swift, efficient emergency response.
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