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Buck did not comprehend that silent intentness, nor the eager way with which they were licking their chops.
His face was anxious, as was the face of my companion, who had stumped over to the rail and was gazing with a like intentness in the direction of the invisible danger.
Yet, to his surprise, he was suddenly aware that the seat opposite to him had been noiselessly taken by a girl whose eyes, also, were fixed with curious intentness upon the broad expanse of marshland and sands across which the train was slowly making its way.
One hand she had pressed to her heart; but the startle and fright in her eyes was changing into a pleased intentness, while on her mouth was a little mysterious smile.
The luminary was a golden-haired, beaming, mild-eyed, God-like creature, gazing down in the vigour and intentness of youth upon an earth that was brimming with interest for him.
"I can imagine a certain sort of person--" she paused; she was aware that he was listening with the greatest intentness, and that his formality was merely the cover for an extreme anxiety of some sort.
Into his eyes as he looked up at them had come yellow and green reflections from the sky and the branches, robbing them of their intentness, and he seemed to think what he did not say.
He leaned forward, his hands between his knees, scarcely breathing, as if he were holding himself away from his surroundings, from the room, and from the very chair in which he sat, from everything except the wild eddies of snow above the river on which his eyes were fixed with feverish intentness, as if he were trying to project himself thither.
Above them, lightly balanced upon a leafy tree limb, a gray-eyed youth watched with eager intentness their every move.
The statement said that the discussion expressed the intentness of Egypt to coordinate stances with Sudan, praising the positive results of the meeting of the Egyptian-Sudanese Presidential Committee recently held in Khartoum.
She had a Brancusi face, with a broad forehead and an intentness that seemed to focus all the emotion of this place on whoever she looked at with those brilliant green eyes.
Just when the unvarying serialism of 24 Frames threatens to turn oppressive--most of the shots are in black-and-white and feature avian performers--Kiarostami pulls off a surprise: the Eggleston-like teal palette and picturesque desolation in Frame 16, for instance, or the trompe l'oeil ruse of the immediately preceding vignette, in which the remarkable intentness of a group of tourists studying the Eiffel Tower gradually reveals itself to be the effect of a photographic gambit.
But his gaze--the same intentness he bestowed upon the astrolabe--gives her a feeling of exposure.