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(2) See Hummels and Schaur for evidence about the time intensiveness of international trading activity.
Achievements of the 11th FYG were substantial, but very heterogeneously distributed along the country and were not enough to reduce Chinese energy's carbon intensiveness. In energy efficiency, the greatest failure was the lack of compliance of coal thermal power plants with the 20% increase in efficiency standards.
Neither the word "intensive", nor any of its derivatives ("intensively", "intensiveness" and so on) occur in either Delgamuukw or Adams.
"It depends very much on the pace and the intensiveness of the cooperation from Iran.
The author notes the main characteristics of energy projects--capital intensiveness, asset specificity, long-life of assets, and the long gestation period--that make it challenging to assess their costs and benefits.
This validation involves being perceived as having links with bodies that confirm one's knowledge intensiveness, forming and maintaining specific ties with clients and consumers, and managing the interactions related to carrying out the work in socially and politically fine-tuned ways.
Another structural element: capital intensiveness. When added to low profitability in many instances, the investment required to acquire Chateau John Doe in relation to the returns is prohibitive for many potential buyers.
However, this technique of GC/MS is not so eminently suitable for routine clinical analysis, but has better applications as a screening tool of prohibited compounds in dietary supplements or urinary metabolites because of the high labour intensiveness, high cost and relatively poor sensitivity.
An ecotone as a zone of conversion between adjoining ecosystems is defined by spatial and time scales, and also by intensiveness of interaction between contacting ecosystems [2].
While England showed intensiveness going forward (though not solidarity at the back) Rooney played as though he was carrying a sack of coals.
Proposed algorithm for heart rate evaluation from ECG signal provided a good QRS detection and heart rate calculation reliability for cases, when the signal is formed during high intensiveness of human body motion.
In addition, the reduction of the computational labor's intensiveness is obtained by finding of the values of the normalization constants in the following calculation method in the form of a series convolution of geometric progressions.
The crucial modelling feature Of his work is 'contrast': as an object's character is divided into yin and yang, elements such as tenderness and intensiveness, brightness and darkness, beauty and ugliness are in coexistence and also in contrast.