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Synonyms for intensify

Synonyms for intensify

to make greater in intensity or severity

Synonyms for intensify

increase in extent or intensity

Related Words

make more intense, stronger, or more marked

make the chemically affected part of (a negative) denser or more opaque in order produce a stronger contrast between light and dark

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"We had a review meeting and will soon intensify our operations in Assam," Indian Army chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag told the media, after meeting Home Minister Rajnath Singh in the national capital.
The committee devised a number of measures to intensify control over stationery stores and markets.
Gina's bother-in-law is a band member of the group Unique, who are signed by Intensify, a cutting edge label designed to find young and up and coming bands.
Algeria will intensify the exploration to increase hydrocarbon reserves, ensure sufficient revenues for the development and "ensure long-term energy security," Energy and Mining Minister Youcef Yousfi declared Sunday "The permanent mission of this sector is to guarantee the country's long-term energy security and ensure sufficient revenues for development," he told APS.
The Premier gave instructions to intensify awareness campaigns targeting citizens and expatriates regarding the nature of the pandemic.
Younger physicians were more likely to intensify treatment, by about 15% for every decade of life.
Atlantic hurricanes intensify in twenty to thirty year cycles, following changes in water temperature.
Relationships between young children and adults might intensify, for better or for worse; but schooling then could reduce family authority over children.
"Our members are having a hard time identifying certain skilled trades people and, with demographics being what they are, that challenge is only going to intensify over the next five to 15 years," says Howcroft.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-2 April 2001-Volvo Buses and Berkhof-Jonckheere to intensify co-operation(C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Sighicelli's technique of using artificial light to rupture and intensify particular areas recalls Merz's deployment of shaped neon tubes and spotlights.
* The general shortage of both quality office space and space that can satisfy large requirements of 50,000 square feet or more will intensify.
As the world continues to struggle with the climate change issue and various mitigating actions are proposed, it is likely the policy debate - and efforts by opposing forces - will intensify. Not all the actions proposed will be expansive or on a grand scale.
From the first, humanity has created special places in which to contain and intensify the powers of art.