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Polish your overall look with the Finisher (a large, fluffy brush ideal for buffing and blending), Brightener (a large, teardrop-shaped brush for overall blending), Intensifier (designed for creating defined cheek looks) and Sculptor (medium-sized angle brush ideal for sculpting and diffusing fluid formulae).
The tumbling vessel is driven by a 30 HP brake motor while the intensifier bar/chopper is driven by a 15 HP motor.
Closed reduction with subsequent intramedullary K-wire (CRIF) under image intensifier produce good functional result in long term.
Il a en outre mis l'accent sur l'importance de mettre en place des mesures concretes pour intensifier les relations qui continuent a se developper malgre l'existence de certaines difficultes telles que l'absence d'informations juridiques et logistiques.
Without the cap, the lens gets scratched, the objective lens housing is damaged and the image intensifier tube burns out.
Trillium CNG announced on Monday the launch of its new 7" Hydraulic Intensifier Compressor (HY-C) at the American Trucking Association's (ATA) annual Management Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, California.
Le Maroc et la France resolus a developper davantage leur cooperation bilaterale et intensifier leur concertation dans le dossier mediterraneen
This advanced image intensifier capability, offers unprecedented quality and performance, and provides Special Forces operators with the enhanced technical advantage they require during night operations.
This density and above average operating hours can be thought of as an intensifier.
WATERJET manufacturer Jet Edge, introduces the iP36-50 Modular Waterjet Intensifier Pump.
The application of a crystallised intensifier sensitive screen is inevitable for current radiography protection because that allows lower radiation intensity on the patient.
These highly sophisticated devices based on the 'Image Intensifier Technology' will be manufactured at MKU's own manufacturing facility which will be setup in a 10000 square feet area in Kanpur.
India, May 16 -- Jet Edge has introduced the new 150hp, 60,000 psi iP60-150 water jet intensifier pump, which is capable of producing up to 3 gallons per minute (11.
To reduce cycle times, but prevent resin degradation, a ribbon blender with an integral intensifier bar that cuts blending time by 25 percent was supplied by US company Munson Machinery
It features XX1211 and XX1340 image intensifier tubes, flash protection capabilities, reticle adjusters, focus knob, on/off button and shade control knob, reticle brightness knob and a rubber protection cover.