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Synonyms for intended




  • betrothed
  • fiancé or fiancée
  • future wife or husband
  • husband- or wife-to-be

Synonyms for intended

pledged to marry

a person to whom one is engaged to be married


Antonyms for intended

resulting from one's intentions


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While senior misogynists appreciate the intended sexism in the trash talk that the narr ka bacha bravely upheld amidst expected backlash, political analysts discern the underlying political intensions which dented the crude misogyny on display."It's obvious that the narr ka bacha intended to politically target his opponent through his jibe, but he also wanted to rely on wretched misogyny to score the points among his intended audience," notes Yasmine Stephens from Gender Studies Institute at Trinity Western University.
The RFEI is not intended as a formal offering for the site.
In the design of any session there should be clearly defined aims and intended learning outcomes, upon which the activities to be exploited in achieving these outcomes and how achievement is to be assessed are based (e.g.
This type of communication is usually not intended to be the final word; it is preliminary advice that falls outside of Circular 230's "written advice" with respect to a given client.
Since the insured intended that the property be destroyed, the destruction cannot be called an accident.
The exception for in-house advice raises the question of how to define the term "employer." (7) Informally, Treasury officials have stated that they intended the term "employer" to be broader than a consolidated group.
Its location and height mark it out from the everyday buildings around, while the rotation in plan is intended to signify the break between secular and sacred, and to create a void between building types which can be used for communal gatherings of varying size, or for private meditation.
However, after two years, most newcomers had not found employment in the occupations in which they had intended to work.
Addressing concerns of appraisers over the "intended user" elements of its latest Uniform Residential Appraisal Report, Fannie Mae has issued a clarifying statement, based in part on input received from the Appraisal Institute.
In Richmond, Virginia, an intended robbery victim shot and killed a teenager who had held him up at gunpoint.
DeLape noted the company recently announced the acquisition of a facility in Neuchatel, Switzerland intended to service Europe, Asia and Africa, and the purchase of a lab in Exton, PA to service the Central and South America and the United States once FDA approval is obtained.
The page shows the ages for which each resource is intended. Within the Online Activities subsection are links to games, puzzles, tips for healthy living, environment-related coloring books, and storybooks.
Reported delays with most recent main and casual partners were generally shorter than intended delays with new partners.
The memo, which was signed by Director of OSWER Robert Springer and Office of Pesticide Programs Chief Jim Jones, says that the original exemption for CCA wood from being characterized as a hazardous waste dates from 1980 and is only for those who "utilized the arsenic-treated wood and wood product for these materials' intended end use."