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  • verb

Synonyms for intend

Synonyms for intend

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

to have or convey a particular idea

Synonyms for intend

have in mind as a purpose

mean or intend to express or convey

denote or connote

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Two people who intend to marry intend to give themselves to one another not partially, but entirely.
Therefore, while the company did not intend to benefit the conman, it did intend to lose the equipment.
I intend to remain a United States senator,'' swears Sen.
IBM and Nokia announced that they intend to jointly develop and market wireless solutions to enterprise customers around the world.
What we see more of now are people who don't intend the marriage to be a permanent commitment" he says.
But the court declined to grant summary judgment without a trial because the insured's testimony that he did not intend to cause the severe injuries created an issue of fact; though the court stopped just short of applying this first component and called the factual issue "weak".
At the present time, we intend to promote SinuNase to ENTs and Allergists in the U.
Farnsworth said that the Company also intends to sell its brands in a separate transaction.
Our Board has indicated that it intends to raise Redwood's regular dividend to a rate of $0.
Big River Resources West Burlington, LLC intends to further expand the plant to produce 80 million gallons per year.
The Company intends to vigorously oppose ATSeIU attempt to replace EPLeIUs experienced directors with its own handpicked, paid nominees who are intended to facilitate a transaction between EPL and ATS at a price the EPL Board has already determined is inadequate and not in the best interests of stockholders.
NASDAQ: TRMP) and Diamondhead Casino Corporation (OTCBB: DHCC) announced today that they have signed a letter of intent pursuant to which the parties intend to form a joint venture partnership to develop, build and operate a destination casino resort in Diamondhead, Mississippi.
Under this rule, established by a federal court in 1968, an accountant who audits or prepares financial information for a client owes a duty not only to that client but also to any other person or one of a group of persons whom the accountant or client intends the reformation to benefit, if both of the following conditions are met:
Medical Properties Trust intends to use approximately $91 million of the net proceeds received from its sale of shares to fund the recently-announced financing transactions with affiliates of Prime Healthcare Services, Inc.
Holdings intends to use the net proceeds from the Holdings Loan Agreement to pay a dividend to its stockholders.