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Synonyms for intemperance

immoderate indulgence, as in food or drink

Synonyms for intemperance

the quality of being intemperate

consumption of alcoholic drinks

excess in action and immoderate indulgence of bodily appetites, especially in passion or indulgence

References in classic literature ?
Then no intemperance or madness should be allowed to approach true love?
But when intemperance and disease multiply in a State, halls of justice and medicine are always being opened; and the arts of the doctor and the lawyer give themselves airs, finding how keen is the interest which not only the slaves but the freemen of a city take about them.
They forget, or will not remember, that human sacrifices, and the power of an idolatrous priesthood -- a system of profligacy unparalleled in any other part of the world -- infanticide a consequence of that system -- bloody wars, where the conquerors spared neither women nor children -- that all these have been abolished; and that dishonesty, intemperance, and licentiousness have been greatly reduced by the introduction of Christianity.
Raffles proved more unmanageable than he had shown himself to be in his former appearances, his chronic state of mental restlessness, the growing effect of habitual intemperance, quickly shaking off every impression from what was said to him.
It was a bookmark of perforated cardboard, with a gorgeous red and yellow worsted goblet worked on it, and below, in green letters, the solemn warning, "Touch Not The Cup." As Peter was not addicted to habits of intemperance, not even to looking on dandelion wine when it was pale yellow, we did not exactly see why Felicity should have selected such a device.
Don Antonio's wife came up and said, "I know not what to ask thee, Head; I would only seek to know of thee if I shall have many years of enjoyment of my good husband;" and the answer she received was, "Thou shalt, for his vigour and his temperate habits promise many years of life, which by their intemperance others so often cut short."
By my count, there's a mental health issue, a bad fit with the first career choice, an overinvolved family, your partner's own susceptibility to pressure from said family (and possibly external pressure in general), an intemperance in decision-making that's now responsible for two unsatisfying tuition-based two-or-four-year educations, and possibly a second bad career fit.
Fifty years of putting up with discrimination, hatred, and intemperance. Fifty years of blood, sweat, and tears.
In that, he was not announcing any industrial policy that may guide investment decisions, but simply displaying authoritarian intemperance before an audience of foreign businessmen.
A variety of psychological and epistemic phenomena (including confirmation bias, self-serving bias, and so on) are presented that arise due to epistemic intemperance, or the inappropriate influence of conations on cognition.
The poet states that God punishes impurity, in Cleanness a term referring to intemperance, more harshly than any other sin (197-202).
Hippocrates described it in the 5th century BC as "the arthritis of the rich" and the physician Galen in the second century AD said it was due to "debauchery and intemperance."
When Trump's public intemperance slams hard against a judge who failed to give him the outcome he preferred, he crosses the line between fair criticism and personal vitriol, as did Theodore Roosevelt's harangue against Holmes.
A non-exhaustive smattering of additional possible spokes are crudeness, nostalgia, mercurial nature, callosity, slave to fashion, emotional and social intelligences, forcibility, mansuetude, proneness to alfresco, arrogance, delusional self-concept, jocosity, Type A personality, defense mechanism usage, impostorism, ataraxia, verbosity, venality, cowardice, Machiavellianism, level headedness, daftness, daredeviltry, intemperance, vainglory, psychopathy, depression, narcolepsy, haughtiness, susceptibility to hypnosis, pushiness, boorishness, fretfulness, ad infinitum.
Agerzua said that it was strange in accounting parlance to pay money into somebody's or government account and suddenly withdraw it, noting that it is another form of impunity and intemperance by the All Progressives Congress, APC government.