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Synonyms for intelligentsia


Synonyms for intelligentsia

an educated and intellectual elite

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He confirmed in his defence that influential members of the Egyptian intelligentsia were heading demonstrations and calling for social, economic and political reforms.
Daniel Beauvois then describes the position of the Polish intelligentsia, which was all but silent until the liquidation of the Vilnius educational district in 1831, then regained its voice between the November and January uprisings and continued to speak up after the January 1863 uprising and during the First World War.
Founded and Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea has become synonymous with the highest quality coffee sourcing, roasting, brewing techniques, and service in the industry.
Intelligentsia is unique in its approach to the due diligence process and is organised as follows: 1.
Second, Gershenzon's introduction mentioned Tolstoy by name as one of the profound thinkers who had repeatedly condemned the intelligentsia's errors.
Yet, even as he attacked the clergy, Belinskii himself could not deny his own heritage; his grandfather had been a priest, a member of that curious, peculiarly Russian caste-like social estate from whose ranks came so many members of the intelligentsia. In fact, Manchester argues that the sons of priests (known as popovichi in Russian) played a crucial role in the development of the ethos of the Russian intelligentsia in the century before the revolutions of 1917.
Since intelligentsia comes to us from the Russian, in research for my recent essays, "Stalin, The Poet, And Life's Choices" and "The Return of the Proletariat" ( and elsewhere) I studied also the emergence of the intelligentsia in pre-revolutionary Russia and its contribution to the greatest revolution of our times.
SwailiAEs article demonstrates the intellectual poverty of Kurdish intelligentsia. Apart from a minority of distinguished scholars, Kurdish academics and literary circles ascribe to simplistic notions of positivism, empiricism, and Eurocentrism.
The author's aim is to give readers 'a fresh look at his many-faceted career' and to remind readers that Moore was a leading figure in the Romantic movement, a star attraction in the trendier salons of the Whig intelligentsia of his day, and a biographer of Sheridan and Byron.
Grace writes, "It is not enough to say that the apostate Alexander Waugh manifests what BBC journalist Denis Sewell calls the 'creeping secular fundamentalism among the wider intelligentsia,' his anti-Papism is positively Victorian in its intensity." Grace gives several examples.
One of them is an unprecedented spread of secondary and tertiary education, while intelligentsia has become a salient part of labour resources not only in the functional sense, but also in quantitative terms.
Women intellectuals opted for publishing their own journal, the Revista de la Asociacion de Mujeres Graduadas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, which, instead of offering a feminist critique of the nation, privileged high culture and Hispanophilia in the struggle against US imperialism, just like the male intelligentsia. Nonetheless, tuning their priorities with their male counterparts came at a cost because their participation in cultural nationalism was accepted "so long as they were willing to give up or minimize gender-based differences and agendas" (p.
With Lenin still in charge - and the murderous purges of Stalin still years away - the Soviet Union simply branded the intelligentsia as undesirables and deported them to Western Europe.
"FairTrade does not incentivize quality," explains Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee, who has spent the last nine years training coffee farmers in Africa and Central America.