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in an intelligent manner

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8220;We founded Lead Intelligently with the voices of the Gen X and Gen Y clients in mind with whom we have worked during 15 years of consulting and coaching.
For information on Living Intelligently for Today, call (818) 763-5838 or go to liftonline.
Supreme Court has remained steadfast in its position that for a defendant to waive the privilege against self-incrimination, the government must establish that the defendant did so knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily.
F5's BIG-IP Blade Controller is designed to help ensure high availability and optimize our BladeCenter solution by intelligently directing traffic to the most optimal resource.
For example, eMailXtender can work with a RAID environment by managing all aspects of email management and email movement off the email system itself and storing it intelligently on a RAID array.
But for directors like Groulx, Brault, Claude Jutra, Pierre Perrault, filming intelligently continued to mean seriousness of purpose: the painful groping toward an authentic quebecois identity (a tout prendre, Le chat dans le sac, Pour la suite du monde among numerous other pictures); exposure of social and political corruption that is not always redeemed by identity (Denys Arcand's Rejeanne Padovani); a fascination with marginalized outsiders (Gilles Carle's La vrai nature de Bernadette; Andre Forcier's Bar salon); and an investigation of complex, tormented human relationships (Francis Mankiewicz's Les bons debarras).
today announced that they are extending their existing partnership to now include real-time traffic speed data from Inrix's 'Smart Dust Network,' which intelligently combines the largest GPS-enabled vehicle probe network in the world with speed information from conventional road sensors and numerous other sources.
In addition, the solution will serve as a helpful planning tool for customers to intelligently expand their server environments down the line.
Mobile AAX is an extension of JMsolutions' AAX[TM] used inventory management system that provides automotive professionals the ability to intelligently appraise and manage their used-vehicle inventory based on the dealership's sales history and market trends.
16) Deal with the vendors honestly and intelligently and you have nothing to fear except your own mistakes.
As virtual machines are deployed, moved and removed, ZXTM VA intelligently routes incoming traffic so that it is always delivered to the most available, responsive machines.
SYS is the first software product engineered to intelligently connect and manage devices in homes and buildings supporting legacy and new device standards like UPnP.
We selected the Kronos solution because of its ability to help us quickly and intelligently find talent who are a best fit for our properties and the job.
AlarmPoint Systems will showcase the next-generation AlarmPoint platform, an enterprise-wide notification and event resolution application that centralizes IT system events, intelligently dispatches based on interest or assignment and enables remote problem resolution.
Priority - This view uses Predictive Ranking to intelligently predict which subscriptions and articles will be most important to the reader at any given time.