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Within Army doctrine, there are a number of useful portions within FM 2-0, Intelligence Operations, and ADRP 2-0, Intelligence, addressing intelligence planning that provide helpful considerations.
He said: "I'm pleased to confirm that a British hostage held in Yemen has been extracted by UAE forces in a military intelligence operation.
But it appears that highly touted intelligence operation was actually a ransom payment.
Last month three pipe bombs were intercepted by police following an intelligence operation.
Weiss, who has made terrorism response one of his top issues, said he plans to meet with LAPD officials and others to develop a plan to increase intelligence operations that would include an oversight committee.
Justice Minister Brian Lenihan said officers are working with UK police as part of the intelligence operation.
Such tactics are justified [claimed the brigade commander], because, 'It's an intelligence operation with detainees, and these people have info.
He quickly consolidated the supporting intelligence organization into a Joint Intelligence Operation Center (JIOC) and built the facility that housed intelligence operations for most of the war.
Drug Enforcement Administration: Intelligence operation focused on narco-terrorism.
Essential to successfully "fighting," the Foundation Layer is organizing and employing as an intelligence operation.
Summary: Washington DC [United States] January 20 (ANI): United States Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has warned that even a partial government shutdown would tremendously impact the country's military's maintenance, training, and intelligence operations.
The licenses will support worldwide intelligence operations by enhancing information sharing amongst Joint Task Force Headquarters, intelligence centers, and forward-deployed war fighters.
This volume discusses aspects of capitalist West and and communist East intelligence operations during the Cold War.
Lu is temporarily detained at Intelligence Operations Section of the PRO3-Regional Intelligence Division 3.
NINEWA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Security sources said here today that one soldier was killed and 10 more wounded, including Commander of Ninewa Intelligence Operations by a suicidal terrorist with explosive belt.
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