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On a routine job to deliver gifts from the UAE government to the Iranian Embassy for Eid, he got to know some of the staff and was later approached by the intelligence officer.
confessed to have delivered information about the visiting delegations to the intelligence officer against Dh30,000.
Abu Dayyah refused to give any information and the intelligence officer pointed a rifle at the back of his head and ordered him to drink a bottle of wine.
Mr Insole worked for South Wales Police for 30 years until his retirement last year and as a football intelligence officer kept Cardiff City and Wales fans safe at matches home and abroad.
Hurr said the two men in the car had been the target of the explosion and that they were both intelligence officers.
The former intelligence officer, who allegedly leaked eight items of confidential information during his 2009-2011 posting to Tokyo, has denied wrongdoing and filed a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, saying the information in question does not meet the threshold of secret, The Chosunilbo and other media reports said.
The senior intelligence officer said a "fair criticism" would be that the spy agency was "probably too eager to please" Number 10.
An explosive charge blew off close to the house of Staff-Brigadier, Thamer Hassan Saleh, an official of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, in west Baghdad's Ghazaliya district, killing him on the spot," the security source said, adding that the blast also wounded an Iraqi Intelligence officer that accompanied the victim, causing damage to his house and car, but gave no further details.
A car belonging to a government intelligence officer in Abyan Province in Yemen exploded on Thursday morning, causing no casualties, the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported on Friday.
Al-Balawi managed to kill five CIA employees, including the base chief, and two CIA security contractors, as well as the Jordanian intelligence officer and Afghan driver who had brought him there.
A woman's war; the professional and personal journey of the Navy's first African American female intelligence officer.
Noyes was the launch pad for his career, which was interrupted by the Korean War, in which he served as an intelligence officer in Japan.
Derek Harvey, a military intelligence officer who served in Iraq and was a key adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as saying that Zarqawi's faction and other foreign insurgents constitute "a very small part of the actual numbers" involved in the insurrection.
Because any intelligence officer knows if you do this, your career is done.
As a trusting citizen, Green signed himself into the Marine Corps as a combat intelligence officer without understanding the intent of the military, which was aimed at exploiting the aspirations of the 35 year-old man.
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