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Synonyms for intellectual

Synonyms for intellectual

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

having or showing intelligence, often of a high order

a person of great mental ability

Synonyms for intellectual

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The KVTC is working for the intellectually challenged people in Pakistan since 1991 with the motive to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.
Neither intellectually impaired or mentally ill people need and want to live permanently in a large facility.
As one key countermove, Gregory argues that the academy now needs to reengage theological knowledge: "Those who bring religious perspectives to bear must be prepared to argue for their claims in intellectually coherent ways and based on knowledge of the assumptions and findings of the academic disciplines with which they engage.
This year, the Salwan Marathon had tied up with various schools for visually impaired students across India, and ' Special Olympics Bharat' to get intellectually challenged students and street children in the run.
In other words, about 2% of individuals have an IQ lower than 70, which places them in the mentally retarded range, and about 2% have an IQ greater than 130, which places them in the intellectually gifted range.
Increased crime is a problem in South Africa and complications arise when the accused is intellectually disabled.
You're acknowledging him for giving a gay face to the morally and intellectually bankrupt conservative movement?
Because most intellectually disabled people cannot speak for themselves, and many of their parents are overwhelmed by the disaster that has befallen them, overburdened with their care responsibilities, the formulation of policy for intellectually disabled people is dominated by professionals, who are outside the agony of daily reality.
A simply fascinating read from beginning to end, "Speak, Hands" is intensely personal, intellectually stimulating, emotionally rewarding, and a uniquely crafted masterpiece of creative non-fiction.
Within a week of delivering her baby, Joanna is caught up in two intellectually and physically demanding cases.
Pasupuleti MD, FACP, FAANEM (a clinical professor at Michigan State) is a self-help guide to understanding oneself intellectually, biologically, and spiritually.
Lazy people, selfish people--I mean intellectually and socially lazy people.
With an intellectually observant voice, no doubt aided by the book's ghostwriter, music journalist Kris Ex, 50 makes his memoir socially relevant, weaving it around a supporting cast whose lives, like his, are being swallowed by urban decay and drugs.
But the book uses good examples from companies like Citigroup, AOL and BMW, and is authoritatively written and intellectually provocative, which makes for a good return on the reader's time.
Farley responded to the complaints over the statue by arguing, in part, that "One of the purposes of art is to engage us intellectually and emotionally.