intellectual property

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intangible property that is the result of creativity (such as patents or trademarks or copyrights)

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Until recently, the commercial property/casualty industry been addressing cyber intellectual property solely as company data, said Brad Gow, vice president for technology administration and liability for Ace USA Professional Risk.
intellectual property system and to offer IP protection in the form of patents and trademarks.
Such cases are increasingly leading genetics and genomics researchers, business entities, health care providers, and consumers to question how the balance between providing intellectual property protection and fostering biomedical innovation can best be attained.
a Mill Valley, California-based consulting firm that offers training and consulting in recognizing and protecting intellectual property and assistance in employment law.
The purchaser may license back to the seller intellectual property, and technology to enable the seller to handle run-off of old business that is not transferred but is in the same line as the transferred business, or to handle other retained business.
At least one insurer thinks the Napster case alone may make a number of companies re-evaluate their approach to the specialized market of intellectual property insurance.
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