intellectual property

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intangible property that is the result of creativity (such as patents or trademarks or copyrights)

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The "watch list" is used as a means of monitoring progress in implementing commitments with regard to the protection of intellectual property rights and for providing comparable market access for U.S.
Intellectual property is a relatively new kind of property ownership in its intangible form.
You are a small to mid-sized startup owner, and you've hopefully taken the steps to protect all of your intellectual property. But now you see that there is an infringer out there, and you need to figure what's involved in enforcing your intellectual property.
On another hand, the absence of protection intellectual property leads to distorting competition, in addition to leading creators to feel that their productions are valueless, due to the lack of the protection of their products, which actually unlike to what happens in countries that protect intellectual property, which, in fact, resulting in encouraging the intellectual competition in addition to enhancing the flow of information as well as freedom of expression.
The Cypriot authorities will proceed with the amendment of the Intellectual Property tax regime in order for it to be aligned to the parameters of Action 5 for the Intellectual Property tax regime and for the inclusion of persons to be possible who acquire or already acquired Intellectual Property in a competitive tax regime fully aligned as of1 January 2016with the Action Plan against the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting of the OECD and the applicable framework at the European Union level.
Determining Which Type of Intellectual Property Is Right for You
The two day conference was entitled "Challenges of Implementing Intellectual Property Laws in the Arab World".
The Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre (EIPTTC) was founded by Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication.
As a law practice, we believe it is important to encourage clients to try and think of their intellectual property strategically, as a core business asset rather than merely just as an offensive weapon that can be used as a means of enforcing rights against others.
Intellectual property software helps enterprises and users in efficiently and effectively protecting and managing their intellectual property.
Developed by recognised experts in the field, this standard aims to disseminate best practices in intellectual property strategies.
The two countries will exchange information, regulations and other documents, experience and arrange exchanges for specialists in protection of intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge.
The powerful, unprejudiced and effective IP laws implementation attracts innovation and new investment whereas the weak implementation of intellectual property laws promotes piracy and counterfeiting and consequently acts as a major barrier to investment in RandD, employment, trade and overall growth of a country's economy.
QNA DOHA Qatar celebrated the International Intellectual Property Day on April 26, which was marked this year under the theme "Reach for Gold: IP and Sports".
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