intellectual nourishment

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anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking

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"Our gadgets have turned us into hi-tech lab rats, mindlessly pressing levers in the hope of receiving a pellet of social or intellectual nourishment," the Telegraph quoted Carr as telling Esquire magazine.
It also turns us into lab rats constantly pressing levers to get tiny pellets of social or intellectual nourishment
For a little intellectual nourishment, stop by at Pengvinite (The Penguins), a large two-storey bookshop.
"After Memoir turns to the modern era, we start feeling a certain lack of artistic or intellectual nourishment. Apart from a few pages devoted to Holocaust memoirs or narratives of black experience, the book turns into a history of the popular memoir--of the development of the memoir industry." JOHN GROSS
The fact that these medieval kitchens welcomed travelers with bodily and intellectual nourishment is offered as the basis for this non-traditional cookbook.
Our vehicle of choice for soul satisfying intellectual nourishment is still the printed word.
Philosophy will get off life-support once again and provide the intellectual nourishment that people need to expose and counteract the errors of our time.
Hamilton absorbed all the intellectual nourishment he found in the works of Blackstone, de Vattel, Jean Jacques Burlamaqui (whom he found to be less thorough than Vattel), and others.
"Our church must be a loving community where we can find spiritual, emotional, and intellectual nourishment," Fox said in her candidate statement.
In addition to offering insight and intellectual nourishment, Black Sheep also gives us hope.
Which is true, but what we're seeing is the creation of a digitocracy, an elite who can afford Michelin-starred intellectual nourishment, while terrestrial viewers are fed an unhealthy diet of televisual fast food, bland and unsatisfying.
Guei might nor need any such intellectual nourishment from Marti, as he is himself a graduate of Saint-Cyr, the elite French military academy, and is reported to be a well-read man.
engineer with the Manhattan Institute, concludes a paragraph about the efficiency of the free market in handling trash by noting, "In times of desperate famine, starving African children pick through human excrement in search of undigested kernels of corn." I have been engaged in the less tragic, though wholly analogous, task of trying to find some kernels of intellectual nourishment in Huber's book.
But the adaptation is short on intellectual nourishment or insight, and the acting lacks vocal and emotional stature.
Textbook publishers care no more about purveying intellectual nourishment to young people than networks care about purveying spiritual nourishment or fast-food franchises physical nourishment.
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