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relating to or performed by the mind

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This explains why Maffei has declined to introduce Galen's Intellective, Aristotle's Noetical faculty, as involved in voice.
8) Even Alain de Libera, after affirming that Aquinas introduces a "modern" concept of subject-agent by identifying the human intellective soul as the subject of thinking, (9) also carefully reconstructs Siger's arguments to show that Aquinas is incapable of explicating how the act of thinking is an operation of the whole human being as a composite of soul and body.
On the following screens, six middle managers, each from a different division of the company, gave the participants a problem, three of an intellective nature and three of a creative nature.
So, the one suspicion about a "second immediacy" stems from the fact that it sounds like it will mimic the immediacy of the aesthetic although it follows upon the intellective processing that occurs within the ethical sphere which provides an anti-immediacy gap allowing the leap from the ethical (or quasi-religious sphere of religiousness A) to religiousness B.
And much of Wordsworth's poetry is a record of his emotional and intellective response to what he saw and heard in the middle of nature, and of the insights occasioned by those experiences.
Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic Church teaches that the soul is the intellective and animating principle of the body.
The benefits of organisational/team heterogeneity on team performance are most prominent in creative and intellective tasks (Guzzo & Dickson 1996), because it allows the cross fertilisation of ideas and the exploration of new ideas and perspectives (Tsai 2001, Martins & Terblanceh 2003, Kanter 2006).
With the present study, we shall attempt to validate the statement repeated by the great chess masters and experts: chess helps to develop intellective thinking, improving all the skills and capacities that are related to intelligence.
The SPLM Juba is still novice in running the state affairs, and is often repulsive and fearful of South Sudan technocrats who could help with the intellective game of technicalities on critical issues.
Salvation, it is supposed, comes through an act of "faith," which is seen, on this model, essentially as an actuation of an intellective state, rather than a movement of the whole person responding to God, body and soul, in the context of the covenantal life of the Church.
Instructors should work to establish presence in the absence of physical copresence, work to build intellective relationships with students, and work to create a sense of community.
The only intellective aspect of our lottery task is that choices should be coherent.
In giving this tripartite conception a new form of memoria-intelligentia-voluntas, Augustine probably wished to avoid, as has been suggested by Pierre Hadot (Hadot 1962:427), the intransitive actions intimated by esse and vivere, so as to encapsulate the whole mental image of Trinity within the volitional (and actional) field of the intellective me.
The relative power, of contracting states may deteriorate their intellective basis and morality support changes and the treaty no longer corresponds to their obligations, their rights and to some of their interests.
The action itself has cognitive, intellective, linguistic, communicative, and other elements, and so perceiving them fully requires multiple perspectives, along with reflection.