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This species of European intellection promotes the stylized and formulaic representation of subaltern cultures, such as that of the Tiv, as being rich in superstition and exotica as a strategy to pander to the tastes of European publics or audiences.
These pieces have focused on travel and intellection, but in my estimation they often miss the mark because of the tendency toward comedic exaggerations or relocations friendly with the archetypal philosophy of "Beat.
Example: investigating the curriculum of philosophy fifth and sixth grade for children (discovery story of hary astatlmyr) also showed that from the beginning of the story, growth and development of intellection skill has been considered.
Sensations might be understood to end, that is, "in an act of intellection, judgment or control," "in persuasion to action," "in a state of heightened passion," "in purgation or cure," "in pleasure," "in poetic furor or sublimity" (210).
com)-- Intellection winners of MRS/ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness December 2014.
3 BRUCE HAINLEY, UNDER THE SIGN OF [SIC]: STURTEVANT'S VOLTE-FACE (SEMIOTEXT(E)) I will be challenged, thrilled, and electrified by Hainley's mind-expanding study of the proleptic and vertiginous force of art and intellection known as Sturtevant far longer than the decade or so the author spent meticulously investigating his razzle-dazzle subject (now, sadly, deceased).
Presence of being in every intellection transcends conceptualization.
Allen's top five strengths -- as drawn from the Clifton StrengthsFinder taxonomy of 34 talent themes -- are Learner, Input, Ideation, Intellection, and Strategic.
The uneasiness of the argument revealed itself for the Christians from different angles: it made the act of intellection a property not of individuals (hic homo non intelligit
Dante's new dimension presents a profound correspondence between human language and intellection.
On the contrary, while the Idea is the grasping of the rational ground of intellection in acts of intelligence, so too production is productive even in intellection.
Ardizzone alludes to these considerations, but her insistence on the primacy of intellection makes them secondary.
It considers the roots of al-Farabi's cosmological and metaphysical concepts such as celestial substance, causation, intellection, and motion in ancient Greek philosophy and as they were adapted and transformed in early Arabic thought; thus to elucidate the new meaning they acquired in the thought of al-Farabi.
In medieval philosophy and mysticism, the process of knowledge is presented as a progressive denudatio, the denudation of the phantasm (the form or image that sensible objects impress in the senses) from all material accidents until the form remains naked in the final act of rational intellection.
In those moments I am glad to go out wandering again, breathing in the intellection of the West, feeling in the air a heavy peace books written and unwritten never to be read" (183).