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Synonyms for integumental

of or relating to the integument

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Currently, CTM is indicated for the replacement or supplementation of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue, including, podiatric and orthopedic applications, as well as for homologous use in the management of acute and chronic non-healing wounds.
In a report describing necropsy results of 241 psittacine and passerine birds randomly collected from a pet bird farm, 31 (12.8%) of the birds had respiratory and integumental aspergillosis, and 37 (15.4%) had candidiasis involving the respiratory system, digestive tract, and/or skin.
Morphological changes of integumental chloride cells to ambient cadmiun during the earling development of teleost, Oreochromis niloticus.
Rain-harvesting in the lizard, Phrynosoma cornutum: behavior and integumental morphology.
The variability (especially partial fusion) in the expression of the trait may reflect differences in the degree of integumental sclerotization, rather than in the actual fusing of segments.
Integumental structure in a Friesian calf with congenital hypo- or atrichosis combined with prognathia inferior.
Winslow summarized the literature and subcategorized botryomycosis into integumental and visceral forms.
Some phloroglucinol derivatives show schistosomicidal effects in vitro against Schistosoma mansoni adult worms, producing integumental alterations [14], as well as inhibiting oxidative phosphorylation in rat heart mitochondria and inhibiting the native [Mg.sup.2+]-dependent ATPase and ATP-Pi exchange in mitochondria [15,16].
A second colour variant reported here for the first time has a bright orange to deep red carapace with black integumental markings and cream markings identical to the black morph described above.
Integumental color: Head reddish brown with frons and clypeus dark brown; antennal segments reddish to dark brown; pronotum, elytron and pygidium variegate, spots may vary from reddish to dark brown; legs reddish, metacoxa dark brown, metatrochanter reddish to dark brown; rest of the body brown to dark brown.
Abstract: The analysis of integumental pore pattern has identified two intraspecific groups of postlarval shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931), a species of which three to five natural populations or groups are expected to be found from Mexico to Peru.