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Synonyms for integument

the tissue forming the external covering of the body

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an outer protective covering such as the skin of an animal or a cuticle or seed coat or rind or shell

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For the determination of the chemical composition, the whole seeds or the seeds without integument were powdered, sieved (1 mm mesh) and conserved in freezer until the performing of the analyses.
With the D&E backbone tree, the Canrightiopsis-Sarcandra-Chloranthus clade is supported by the bisexual flower and distinctive intrusive oil cells in the carpel wall, while the two living genera are united by loss of supratectal spinules and an outer integument thickness of four or more cells.
An immunohistochemical study of the subepidermal connective tissue in the adult molluscan integument showed that the ECM is similar in gastropods, bivalves, and cephalopods, but differs from that of vertebrate dermis.
Tumours of neural origin include paragangliomas and Merkel cell carcinoma of the integument. Epidermoid tumours include large cell (carcinoid), atypical and small cell carcinomas.
In arachnids, most surveys have focused on spiders, mites and ticks (e.g., Alberti & Coons 1999; Coons & Alberti 1999; Ramirez 2014), but knowledge of the integument of other arachnid taxa, such as Opiliones (harvestmen or daddy-long-legs), remains relatively scarce (see below).
This case is particularly notable for her mutation causing only lung and kidney findings while sparing the integument. It is possible that the plethora of novel mutations of FLCN belies a much more variable clinical presentation than previously thought.
Finding nothing else on his integument, I turned to leave.
Gashed landmark of abdomen it gathers: a drawstring of limbs, integument, bulk that, when pulled, snaps the body up.
Dirsh decribes the integument as being strongly tuberculate, and his diagnosis emphasizes the presence of a fastigial furrow and a short epiphallus.
Interdigital hyperplasia is growth of mass in hairless integument between claws as a result of proliferation from subcutaneous tissue.
This aims to promote cotyledon grain hydration by passing water through capillaries reported in the integument and hilum.
May 4 ~ May 7###Microspore tetrad stage###Inner and outer integument initiation to elongation
Given the extraordinary axial morphology and movements of hagfishes, the probable but unresolved functional link between fish integument and locomotion, and the overall paucity of data, the skins of myxinid fishes make a fascinating and convenient system for investigating morphological and mechanical characteristics associated with whole-body knotting movements.
and Dalechampia tiliifolia Lam., observing that besides the presence of bitegmic ovules, all species are characterized by the absence of vascular bundle in the inner integument.