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a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure

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To meet this need, more and more organizations are turning to BusinessObjects(TM) Data Integrator XI, the industry's most productive and scalable enterprise data integration solution for BI.
The Anexeon Communications channel program offers the IT Integrator all of the tools and systems necessary to deliver the highest quality offering to customers and realize the full business potential of the of the VoIP opportunity.
LAS VEGAS -- Anexeon Communications, a leading VoIP service provider focused on next generation communication services for businesses, today announced that it has signed four new channel partners as part of its IT integrators program.
Because Enterprise Information Integrator adds business context to data, and incorporates data into a real-time information model, the product complements traditional data integration approaches that focus on historical data analysis.
Anexeon Communications Selected to Lead IT Channel Partner & Training Services Program to Enable IT Integrators to Offer CommPartners' Privately Branded VoIP Platform with Bundled Features
Each systems integrator program member will train a team of their consultants on the KALIDO adaptive enterprise data warehousing software, and develop a KALIDO capability within their organization to lead project implementations.
SmartDB's flagship product, SmartDB Workbench, is the tool of choice by systems integrators for Oracle upgrades and conversions.
Developed to address the growing interest in digital home solutions, as well as the consumer and industry confusion that exists around the integration of home technology products and services, the goal of the Home Integrator Initiative is to bring key industry players together to adopt common goals and messages around the home integrator channel and promote consumer awareness of integrators as a key resource in their adoption of connected home products and solutions.
The CNET Home Integrator Directory also offers consumers the ability to post comments about the professional they worked with and the quality of service provided, creating a community of people who can share their own experiences - good and bad - about the integrators in their hometown.
IBM DB2 Information Integrator software helps customers solve this pain point, enabling businesses to access, integrate and manage all types of data in real-time, as if it were a single source, regardless of where the data resides.
Jacada Integrator is the leading solution for rapidly integrating core legacy business systems, including the data and processes in those systems, with any front-office, call center, CRM, or Web application as well as with a wide variety of middleware solutions.
Integrators like PTP are choosing storage networking appliances for their clients as a dependable, simple, and easy open-systems solution that delivers a high value-add for customer and integrator.
Results of a recent survey conducted by Government Insights, an IDC Company, indicate that government IT decision makers are satisfied with the overall performance of System Integrator (SI) service providers.
developer of Internet Data Integration (IDI) solutions for bridging e-business applications with corporate data, has announced the availability of Cerebellum eCom Integrator, version 2.
Should the integrator be forced to incur the expense and time of testing every component and configuration?
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