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Synonyms for integrative

combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole

tending to consolidate

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Healthcare company Forum Health LLC revealed on Thursday that it has completed the acquisition of Advanced Integrative Healthcare, a functional and integrative medical practice based in Bloomingdale, Illinois, for an undisclosed amount.
"The vision for CryoNext Integrative Healthcare, was to focus on providing the individual with a turnkey wellness system, which includes chiropractic care and alternative recovery and rehabilitation modalities," stated COO, Joel Cruzada.
The news broke last week that the physician most associated with the term "integrative medicine," Andrew Weil, MD, had donated $15 million to fuel the work of what is now known as the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine.
Strand 2: Providing or making connections to bridge the divide between Integrative sTEm Education and sTEm career opportunities.
Van Gogh, who has worked with male survivors of abuse, illustrates an integrative approach to the therapeutic treatment of male sexual abuse and assault, an approach that includes psychodynamic, humanistic, relational, cognitive behavioral, body-based, and arts-based approaches.
For the second year, the concert is benefiting the NorthShore Integrative Medicine program, as one of the largest and most-well established programs in the country.
One other theme seen at the 2018 ICIMH was the need for a new paradigm, moving away from solely pharmaceutical treatments to an integrative approach, utilising manual therapies, mindfulness practices and dietary interventions, in conjunction with conventional care.
Moreover, members discuss local events, holistic news, the AHNA newsletter, and provide education on assorted holistic/ integrative therapy techniques and topics.
Hackensack Meridian Health's Integrative Health & Medicine Program has opened a location at Raritan Bay Medical Center-Old Bridge.Hackensack Meridian Health's Integrative Health & Medicine Program has opened a location at Raritan Bay Medical Center-Old Bridge.
Integrative medicine is gaining a lot of following over the past decade, since many testimonials of people who have received healing attest to the power and efficacy of this medical practice.
Integrative medicine is a collaborative approach that combines effective treatments of both conventional mainstream (allopathic medicine) and complementary medicine in an evolving clinical setting.
A Scoping Review on Models of Integrative Medicine: What Is Known from the Existing Literature?
So began the era of "integrative medicine." The period from 1995 through 2010 was marked by a zealous nationwide surge of activity aimed at bringing previously marginalized modalities--everything from Ayurveda to zinc supplementation--under the purview of conventionally trained physicians, and into the spectrum of options offered at hospitals, clinics and medical schools.
The Everything Guide To Integrative Pain Management
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