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the action of incorporating a racial or religious group into a community

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In this way, the project assignment was an important tool for both meeting different course objectives and integrating diverse assignments.
"By integrating with Team System now, Unisys is providing our mutual customers with customized visual design tools for vertical solutions, and is preparing them for the Software Factory approach to development."
Integrating the network and storage side together in an ASIC provides a faster, cheaper solution, but it also requires that the vendor have core competencies in ASIC design and massive parallel processing as well as in storage and network technologies.
Customers today are faced with the challenge of integrating information across and beyond the enterprise in an effort to increase efficiencies and better serve customers.
Actually, closer to my heart these days is integrating air, space and ground in joint warfighting.
LifeCare 2000's modular components address your specific requirements entirely--fully integrating Marketing/Preadmission information with Financials, Clinical, and every department.
In this prototype source, 40 LEDs with 10 different spectral distributions were mounted onto an integrating sphere.
This happens because such initiatives focus primarily on coordinating community services and linking them to schools, with an emphasis on co-locating rather than integrating such services with the ongoing efforts of school staff.
The robust new system that evolves from integrating a firm's client database with an insurance-specific client management system is a useful tool that can help make a CPA firm the focal point for all of a client's financial services and information needs.
Integrating curriculum requires complex change, which may make teachers, school administrators, and parents uncomfortable.
Forty of the 96 programs focus on integrating the delivery of workers' compensation with long-term and short-term disability.
In fact, the possibility that terrorists might unleash weapons of mass destruction on American soil makes the necessity of quickly and efficiently integrating multidisciplinary resources from local, state, and federal agencies unprecedented.
The long process of upgrading information systems and integrating new clinical technologies will remain arduous for years to come.
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