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The results of this study, although showing that some pediatricians from the city of Belem have satisfactory basic knowledge of oral health in early childhood, reflect the unfamiliarity with many subjects, especially about the current scientific evidence on fluoride, confirming that there is a need for the implementation of actions aimed at better interaction between doctors, dentists and other professionals of the health team, seeking the integrality of attention to oral health.
Our temporal perspectives, then, may emerge out of our many interactions and integrality with the environment, out of Rogers' (1980) person-environment process or Rovelli's (2016) "elementary processes wherein quanta of space and matter continually interact with one another" (p.
rounds out the work by relating the act-based paradigm of TT to contemporary scientific discoveries on the integrality of language, consciousness, and sociality (ch.
Together with obstacles of implementing integrality, intersectoriality appears as an objective still not achieved.
Together with the integrality conditions (9) and (10) this obviously constitutes a 0/1 model of the TVP.
More precisely, results about the integrality of the symmetric algebra are obtained for simple graphs with at most three edges and for Cohen-Macaulay graphs without cycles of even length and vertex covering number 3.
If selective attention is effective in the presence of irrelevant variation, the categories can be considered independent; otherwise, the categories follow a pattern of integrality.
Integer programming by Specific problem solved [2009] removing the integrality in this study is a NP constraints hard problem.
integrality at the operation sites in the Sultanate and the Middle East.
I believe that integrity and integrality of existing legal and regulatory framework should not be tampered with.
Another topic that highlights the dispositionism of the courts is the issue of cultural dynamics--in particular the issue of "European influence" and its role in the integrality component of the test for Aboriginal rights:
There is an attempt to implement a diverse network of services the function of which is to produce care integrality, avoiding hospitalization and encouraging social reintegration.
It is also considered a higher function of sensory awareness, which is different from sensation, as it assures the unity of consciousness and object integrality.
46 VEGF is significant in the maintenance of vascular integrality and normal permeability and has a critical regulatory function in pathological physiology associated with hyperplasia of vascular endothelial cells.
Vivir bien is a way of life underlined by certain principles-such as "bio-society versus human society, humanism vs individualism, complementarity vs competition, harmony vs growth, integrality vs materiality"-which stress that the goal of humans "is not to control nature but to take care of it," and that our place is not at the center, as we coexist with nature.