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The result of the analysis of the components was alarming because of the low level of knowledge that Law school students have in terms of humanistic components and in particular, in the conception of integrality demanded by higher education, in order to distinguish the scope of both ethical and moral values, required from the individual perspective as university students, until their future professional life.
On the other hand, although the integrality paradigm still has a diffuse definition, it is possible to state it is guided by: an approach to the health--disease process that lays more emphasis on the health pole; teaching--learning process centered on the student; development of practical activities in the SUS network in its different levels of care, targeted at the population's basic health needs; teachers' qualification based on the technical--scientific competence and also on the didactic--pedagogical one; and reference to the labor market in the area of health based on a critical reflection on its economic and humanistic aspects and its ethical implications (1).
From the moment a user arrives at the FHC, the bond and welcoming are present [...] home visits also enhance such link (N1) In the reorganization of the care model, based on the Family Health Strategy, bringing the reality of individuals, families and community closer to the health care team is vital to ensure the integrality and humanization of care.
The gels of calcium silicate hydrates are the products of Si[O.sub.2] in fly ash reacted with [Ca.sup.2+] ions and OH- ions (formed by ionization of Ca (OH)2) [9], which can effectively increase the strength and integrality of stabilized soil.
For a verifier, to guarantee data integrality, it must firstly extract PKC from public key directory and then verify whether public key certificate (for short, PKC) is valid.
Ayaz Sadiq and role that Senator Raza Rabbani has played in the promotion of the Parliament at the national and international forums hence increased the respect and integrality of Pakistan's movement towards democracy in a dignified manner.
integrality when man finds himself in prayers, and the acme of prayers
The fading of borders: The integrality of knowledge
LAAA has been classified as intrapericardial or extrapericardial according to integrality of pericardium and can also been classified as congenital or acquired, two-fifths of which are congenital and the rest occur due to surgery, trauma, and valve disease (mitral stenosis and/or mitral regurgitation).[3] The cause of LAAA is still unclear, and growth in congenital cases may result from depauperation of dysplastic pectinate muscles, which changes the LAA from a pump to a reservoir and leads to progressive dilation resulting in elevated internal pressure.
The second half of 2017 was marked by the largest national event in Speech Therapy, the XXV Brazilian Congress of Speech Therapy, which took place between September 12 and 15 in the city of Salvador, Bahia, with the theme "Integrality in Training and care." Among the activities of the pre-congress are the meeting involving the representatives of the periodicals of the area and the professors of the postgraduate courses in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology.
In this case, we removed the crystal deposits and restored the integrality of the patella so that the range of motion will not be limited.
As an application of their results, they obtain an arithmetic statement "on average" of a new type concerning the integrality of Taylor coefficients of the associated mirror maps.
In the corresponding binary integer programming problem, the integrality constrains of binary variables are relaxed, in the sense that they are allowed to be in the range between 0 and 1.
Thus, the objective of this study was to assess the profile of the pediatricians who work in the city of Belem, State of Para, Brazil, and evaluate the knowledge of these professionals regarding their conduct on oral health orientation, use of fluoride and self-perception on oral health knowledge, in view of the integrality of attention in early childhood.