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Synonyms for integral

Synonyms for integral

constituting or forming part of the essence of something

lacking nothing essential or normal

an organized array of individual elements and parts forming and working as a unit

Synonyms for integral

the result of a mathematical integration

existing as an essential constituent or characteristic

constituting the undiminished entirety


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Integral is a national, independent investment dealer that provides private and public issuers with investment banking services, institutional investors and public issuers with capital markets services and affluent individuals with wealth management services.
Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday asserted that "Kashmir is, was and will always be an integral part of India and thus it cannot have its own prime minister."
Established in 1993, Integral offers a cloud-based workflow management and trading platform.
Integral Solutions Group was founded in 1987 by JM Smith Corp., one of the largest privately held companies in South Carolina.
A general form of an integral equation in [phi](x) is of the form
The notions of the fuzzy improper Riemann integral, the fuzzy random variable, and its expectation were also investigated and studied by Wu in [9] using a different approach.
However, the authors will develop the necessary mathematical machinery employing the Laplace Transform inversion integral and contour integration of complex variable theory in order to analytically evaluate (5) and (6).
Schwabik in [3] considers a bilinear form, defines a Stieltjes type integral, and performs a study about it including [4]; following his ideas we give integration by parts theorem involving a bilinear operator and, through it, we prove a representation theorem for the space of Henstock vectorvalued functions.
Integral Molecular currently has a pipeline of therapeutic antibodies against under-exploited GPCR, ion channel, and transporter targets in therapeutic areas including NASH (CB1 antagonist), immuno-oncology (C5aR antagonist), and pain (P2X3 antagonist).
In the article titled "A Three-Point Boundary Value Problem with an Integral Condition for a Third-Order Partial Differential Equation" [1], a previous related article by Denche and Memou should have been discussed [2].
In [5], this boundary-value problem is transformed into an integral equation that is useful for the numerical evaluation of the heat transfer in intermittent wet grinding [6].
Here [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the two-center nuclear attraction integral over NISTOs determined by [32]
Union Insurance will become the region's first company to implement CSC's Integral Group Health, Integral Life and Integral Point-of-Sale systems to manage its portfolio of group health and life insurance products.
Integral BioSystems is a drug delivery CRO that offers an integrated, practical approach to formulation development projects for both small molecule and biologic actives.
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